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  • Top Content From 2015

    Top Content From 2015

    Well, 2015 is just about done and dusted. It’s ending on a high note for me. I will shortly be flying off to Australia and if all goes smoothly I will catch the fireworks over Sydney harbour for the eve of new year. I have a couple of weeks in Sydney, a week in Melbourne…

  • Should You Really Follow Your Passion?

    Should You Really Follow Your Passion?



    I suggest to you that doing what you love or finding your passion is a luxury afforded to very few and that for the rest of us there is more relevant and helpful advice to be had.

  • Delightful Murals With MySchool

    Delightful Murals With MySchool

    I was invited to join the staff from MySchool & the team from See Saw Do to help with the painting of a mural at Chapel Street Primary School.

  • Top 100 SA Wines 2014

    Top 100 SA Wines 2014

    This is the 4th year for the Top 100 SA Wines competition and with nearly 500 entries, it’s growing nicely. The 2014 winners included 52 reds, 34 whites, with the balance going to cap classiques, natural sweets, ports and fortified wines. With some history behind the competition, it is now possible to award consistent performers.…

  • Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School

    Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School



    Kick start your career in one of the most creatively rewarding industries out there! If you dream of learning how to create gourmet masterpieces from the Masters of the kitchen then Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School is where you need to be.

  • Healthy Eating With iHealth Meals



    When I came off my strict diet for the Sleek Geek challenge, I found myself picking up some weight again. I put back on 3 of the 13kgs I lost. While I was contemplating my options for halting the slide back to my original weight, I received a call from iHealth Meals. They wanted to…

  • SA Olive Awards 2012

    If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m very anti imported olive oil. Not just because of the food miles, but because Europe dumps their poor quality product on us and we don’t know any better. Our South African olive oil is of far superior quality and well worth the small price…

  • Christian Eedes Cabernet Sauvignon Report 2012

    In November last year I posted the results of the Christian Eedes Chardonnay Report. Now the results of the Christian Eedes Cabernet Sauvignon Report are available. Selected from 60 highly acclaimed cabernet sauvignons, these are the cream of the crop: FIVE STARS De Trafford 2009 Cellar price: R230 Delaire Reserve 2009 Not yet released Graham…

  • Standing Ovations

    I need to share this video with you because it’s really awesome. It reminds me of one of the first X Factors when that cellphone salesman who looks unimpressive suddenly starts singing awesome Opera and everyone falls off their chairs. Same sort of vibe here. I love these sorts of videos. But I also want…

  • HalfArsed-a Chef

    We can’t all be Masterchefs, but thanks to Nomu I got the chance to be a HalfArsed-a Chef along with a bunch of other fun quasi celebrities. We had great fun competing against each other in the various challenges. Certainly the normal rules of cooking did not apply and as for the unwritten rules of…