HalfArsed-a Chef

We can’t all be Masterchefs, but thanks to Nomu I got the chance to be a HalfArsed-a Chef along with a bunch of other fun quasi celebrities. We had great fun competing against each other in the various challenges. Certainly the normal rules of cooking did not apply and as for the unwritten rules of kitchen etiquette and fair competition, well, you judge for yourself!

The first challenge was to build a tower of boerewors. We won this challenge thanks to brilliant ‘outside the wors‘ thinking of chef Neil Anthony (yes – it did help having a real chef on my team! Follow him on Twitter as @neiLLanthony) as well as my other team mate Liezel van der Westhuizen (follow her on Twitter as @Liezelv). It may well have been the only edible entry!

So here we go, in all it’s glory and in the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously, the first episode of HalfArsed-a Chef:

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