Standing Ovations

I need to share this video with you because it’s really awesome. It reminds me of one of the first X Factors when that cellphone salesman who looks unimpressive suddenly starts singing awesome Opera and everyone falls off their chairs. Same sort of vibe here. I love these sorts of videos.

But I also want to use this video to illustrate a point. I recently used my review of Phantom of the Opera to complain about people who give standing ovations to every performance of every show they go and see. I find this frustrating because it means when you really want to express that you have been really moved and impressed by a performance, you have no way of demonstrating that because even the most basic of performances are receiving standing ovations.

You can read more of my thoughts on the matter by clicking through to my Phantom review but now to the point, this video demonstrates what a standing ovation really is. When people are so moved by a performance that they stand up involuntarily, an unconscious reaction to an outstanding performance. Enjoy.