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Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School




Kick start your career in one of the most creatively rewarding industries out there! If you dream of learning how to create gourmet masterpieces from the Masters of the kitchen then Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School is where you need to be.

Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School

Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School will be one of the top comprehensive cooking schools offering students the experience of training in a ‘working kitchen’ under the skilful guidance of two renowned and very well-established chefs. Chef Peter Ayub and Chef Angie Boyd will be turning young minds into professional culinary artists during the 2 year Diploma Course as from January 2014.

Chef Peter Ayub

By enrolling with Sense of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School, students can guarantee themselves the best job positions available in the industry. Many newly qualified chefs entering the industry for the first time lack the basic skills to function properly in professional kitchens and find it difficult to deliver the standard of work expected by employers and executive chefs. The 2 year Culinary Arts Diploma course offered allows students the chance to receive the best training available from the start so that once qualified, they will not merely survive in any kitchen, but excel in any food preparation task and impress future employers.

Chef Angie Boyd

What does it take to be as good as these guys? Chef Angie explains:

“At the start of my career I was somewhat entranced by the perceived glamour of the culinary industry. I envisioned becoming head pastry chef at a top-notch hotel; a TV chef or creating designer wedding cakes for A-list Hollywood stars from the get-go. But I soon realised that I would have to put in the hours and dedication to become the one of the best patisserie chefs. Long hours, hard work and an undying passion for producing innovative pastry creations got me to where I am today. I hope that I can share this with as many other passionate and talented young chefs through my classes at Sense of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School.”

Chef Peter adds:

“There is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving towards perfection becomes clear – that purpose is to make people happy and that is what cooking is all about! Being a chef, a really great chef takes real dedication and is built on a strong foundation of perfecting the basics of food preparation, but the thing that truly sets exceptional chefs apart from the rest is their love of food and the industry. Only those who have that real undying passion for fine cuisine will outlast the rest who lack that quality and rise to become the best at what they do. Truly phenomenal dishes are produced when innovation, creativity, skill and passion are combined, mixed well and cooked at just the right temperature.”

  1. Be one of the select 16 students to receive valuable individual attention in a focused group with world-class guidance in perfecting culinary art from acclaimed chefs Peter and Angie (both well-connected and still actively operating in the events catering industry).
  2. Our students won’t ever waste valuable training time doing washing-up. Scullery staff provided at no additional cost. If that’s not enough reason for choosing Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School as your preferred culinary training institution, then knowing that our students will be
  3. Experience the daily buzz of a fully operational chef’s kitchen. The educational value of observing first-hand what happens and how chefs operate in a working kitchen should not be underestimated. This unique element allows our students to be miles ahead in terms of actual in-service training experience.

Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School aims to soon become one of the best and most renowned culinary training institution in South Africa and the world by producing young chefs who will be sought after by top fine cuisine institutions.

For more information on the costs of the course and other details visit our website or please phone Chef Peter directly on 082 578 9029 or email at or Chef Angie directly on 079 895 9065 or email at

Sense of Taste food

OUR MISSION at Sense of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School is to work towards providing standard-setting training to deserving young culinary students and becoming the best renowned and highest regarded cooking school in South Africa by delivering the best new professionally trained chefs into the industry. We believe that through acting in accordance to the principle of leading by example we will instil the standards in our students which surpass international expectations. We hope to become a proud asset to Southern Africa by offering those less fortunate the chance of a career opportunity and entrepreneurial freedom in the culinary industry and ultimately to the greater benefit the local economic and social community. We hope to inspire great achievements through our trained students in a respectful, close-knit and moulding environment.


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  1. Due to circumstances out of their control, the Sense Of Taste Culinary Arts Cooking School will only open in 2015.