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  • Kirstenbosch Concerts 2016/2017

    Kirstenbosch Concerts 2016/2017

    Here is the Kirstenbosch concert schedule for the summer of 2016 / 2017. As usual, a great lineup. Don’t forget to book in advance on Webtickets because most concerts sell out well ahead of the day.

  • Galileo Movie Schedule 2016/2017

    Galileo Movie Schedule 2016/2017

    Galileo have released the movie and venue schedule for the 2016/2017 summer season. If you haven’t been to a Galileo screening before, you are seriously missing out. What’s not to love about an outdoor movie at a fabulous venue with drinks and food available to purchase? At some venues you can’t take your own drinks…

  • Galileo Movie Schedule 2015/2016

    Galileo Movie Schedule 2015/2016

    The Galileo Outdoor Cinema has become a popular activity. This year they have expanded the offering to cover more nights of the week and more areas. There will be a Galileo Cinema showing Tuesday to Friday every week (with a few exceptions) and they have added a rotation of city venues to take the Friday…

  • Kirstenbosch Concerts 2015/2016

    Kirstenbosch Concerts 2015/2016

    This is the schedule for the 2015/2016 season of concerts at Kirstenbosch Gardens. Tickets can be booked online at Webtickets. Book your favourites now because the good ones sell out long in advance.

  • Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2015

    Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2015

    This year was the 50th year of the awards, which is quite something. Held at the Artscape Theatre, if nothing else, it was going to be a glamorous affair. We arrived to walk the longest red carpet I have seen in a long time. As I expected, everyone was dressed in their best and looking…

  • Kirstenbosch Concerts 2014/2015

    Kirstenbosch Concerts 2014/2015

    Here’s the lineup of artists for the 2014 / 2015 season of Kirstenbosch concerts, starting 23 November. These concerts have to be the best way to spend a Sunday evening.

  • Ultimate Braai Master

    I think Ultimate Braai Master is definitely some of the best television produced in South Africa. I only got to watch about 7 of the 12 episodes in the first series, because the chances of me being at home at 8pm every Thursday are minimal. But you only needed to see one episode to recognise…

  • Kirstenbosch Concerts 2012/2013

    Here’s the line-up for the coming season of Kirstenbosch concerts. There’s something for everyone in there. I’m looking forward to Prime Circle (23rd Dec), and Johnny Clegg (7th Apr) in particular but there must be another 5 at least that I’m very keen to see. I saw Natasha Meister (31st Mar) for the first time…

  • Prime Circle at Paul Cluver – a photo review

    I’ve written about the Paul Cluver amphitheatre before, click here to read all the details of the time I went to watch the Parlotones perform there. I said it was an amazing experience and it still is. Instead of repeat myself for the Prime Circle review, I thought I would try something different and do…

  • Backsberg Picnic Concerts 2011/2012

    I’ve posted the schedule for this season’s Kirstenbosch concerts and Paul Cluver concerts, now here’s the Backsberg concerts. Some great acts in a very chilled, intimate environment. You can see a review of a Backsberg concert I attended previously here. Tickets are available from Ticketbreak.