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Galileo Movie Schedule 2015/2016

The Galileo Outdoor Cinema has become a popular activity. This year they have expanded the offering to cover more nights of the week and more areas. There will be a Galileo Cinema showing Tuesday to Friday every week (with a few exceptions) and they have added a rotation of city venues to take the Friday night slot.

Galileo cinema

The venues per day of the week are:

  • Tuesdays – Hillcrest Quarry
  • Wednesdays – Kirstenbosch Gardens
  • Thursdays – V&A Waterfront
  • Fridays – Rotating city venues
  • Saturdays – Winelands venues

Ticket prices have gone up slightly, Warm & Comfy tickets (why go for anything else?) were R95 last year and are now R100. But more importantly, they now have VIP tickets at R149 which give you reserved seating, a Savanna and some popcorn and sweets. Book your tickets through webtickets (they sell out quickly so buy well in advance!).

galileo prices

Below is the full listing of movies, with the corresponding venue. Find more info at the Galileo website.

Read my review of my Galileo experience, and see my photos from the evening.

Date Day Movie PG Venue
31-Oct-15 Sat Psycho R Kirstenbosch
3-Nov-15 Tue Notting Hill PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
4-Nov-15 Wed Cocktail R Kirstenbosch
5-Nov-15 Thu Eat Pray Love PG-13 V&A Waterfront
6-Nov-15 Fri Amelie R The Palms
10-Nov-15 Tue The Devil Wears Prada PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
11-Nov-15 Wed Breakfast at Tiffany’s PG-13 Kirstenbosch
12-Nov-15 Thu Jerry Maguire R V&A Waterfront
13-Nov-15 Fri Friday the 13th R Century City
17-Nov-15 Tue Braveheart R Hillcrest Quarry
18-Nov-15 Wed Ocean Driven G Kirstenbosch
19-Nov-15 Thu Dirty Dancing PG-13 V&A Waterfront
20-Nov-15 Fri Top Gun PG-13 Fedisa
21-Nov-15 Sat Romeo + Juliet PG-13 Knorhoek
24-Nov-15 Tue The Breakfast Club R Hillcrest Quarry
25-Nov-15 Wed Anchorman PG-13 Kirstenbosch
26-Nov-15 Thu Limitless PG-13 V&A Waterfront
27-Nov-15 Fri Grease PG-13 Meerendal
1-Dec-15 Tue Mamma Mia! PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
2-Dec-15 Wed Armageddon PG-13 Kirstenbosch
3-Dec-15 Thu Thelma & Louise R V&A Waterfront
4-Dec-15 Fri Moulin Rouge PG-13 The Palms
5-Dec-15 Sat 50 First Dates PG-13 Lourensford
8-Dec-15 Tue Point Break R Hillcrest Quarry
10-Dec-15 Thu Pirates of the Caribbean PG-13 V&A Waterfront
11-Dec-15 Fri Dirty Dancing PG-13 Century City
15-Dec-15 Tue The Lion King PG Hillcrest Quarry
16-Dec-15 Wed E.T. PG Kirstenbosch
17-Dec-15 Thu Annie PG-13 V&A Waterfront
18-Dec-15 Fri Days of my Youth PG-13 Fedisa
19-Dec-15 Sat Love Actually R Anthonij Rupert
22-Dec-15 Tue Home Alone Family Hillcrest Quarry
23-Dec-15 Wed The Nightmare Before Christmas 13 Kirstenbosch
25-Dec-15 Fri Miracle on 34th Street Family Meerendal
29-Dec-15 Tue The Wizard of Oz PG Hillcrest Quarry
30-Dec-15 Wed Toy Story Family Kirstenbosch
2-Jan-16 Sat Back to the Future PG-13 Warwick Wine Estate
5-Jan-16 Tue Finding Nemo PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
6-Jan-16 Wed The Sound of Music PG-13 Kirstenbosch
7-Jan-16 Thu The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers PG-13 V&A Waterfront
8-Jan-16 Fri Grease PG Century City
12-Jan-16 Tue Cocktail R Hillcrest Quarry
13-Jan-16 Wed Reel Rock 10 PG-13 Kirstenbosch
14-Jan-16 Thu Legally Blonde PG V&A Waterfront
15-Jan-16 Fri Jaws 13 Fedisa
16-Jan-16 Sat Pretty Woman R Rhebokskloof
19-Jan-16 Tue Bridget Jones’ Diary 13 Hillcrest Quarry
20-Jan-16 Wed Best of YouTube 13 Kirstenbosch
21-Jan-16 Thu The Boers at the End of the World Family V&A Waterfront
22-Jan-16 Fri The Notebook PG-13 Meerendal
26-Jan-16 Tue Searching for Sugar Man 13 Hillcrest Quarry
27-Jan-16 Wed Goldfinger 13 Kirstenbosch
28-Jan-16 Thu As Good As It Gets R V&A Waterfront
29-Jan-16 Fri Eat Pray Love PG UCT
30-Jan-16 Sat Notting Hill PG-13 Rustenberg
2-Feb-16 Tue Top Gun PG Hillcrest Quarry
3-Feb-16 Wed The Search for Freedom PG-13 Kirstenbosch
4-Feb-16 Thu The Shawshank Redemption R V&A Waterfront
5-Feb-16 Fri West Side Story PG The Palms
9-Feb-16 Tue The Vow PG Hillcrest Quarry
10-Feb-16 Wed Ghost 13 Kirstenbosch
11-Feb-16 Thu The Notebook PG-13 V&A Waterfront
12-Feb-16 Fri Four Weddings and a Funeral R Century City
13-Feb-16 Sat Shakespeare in Love PG-13 Nederburg
14-Feb-16 Sun Casablanca PG Nooitgedacht
16-Feb-16 Tue Silence of the Lambs R Hillcrest Quarry
17-Feb-16 Wed That Sugar Film PG Kirstenbosch
18-Feb-16 Thu Mad Max: Fury Road R V&A Waterfront
19-Feb-16 Fri Grease PG Fedisa
23-Feb-16 Tue Forrest Gump PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
24-Feb-16 Wed The Gods Must Be Crazy PG-13 Kirstenbosch
25-Feb-16 Thu Frankenstein PG V&A Waterfront
26-Feb-16 Fri Mamma Mia! PG-13 Meerendal
27-Feb-16 Sat Singing in the Rain PG-13 Vergenoegd
1-Mar-16 Tue Footloose PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
2-Mar-16 Wed Mean Girls PG-13 Kirstenbosch
3-Mar-16 Thu Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon PG-13 V&A Waterfront
4-Mar-16 Fri The Notebook PG-13 The Palms
8-Mar-16 Tue Pulp Fiction R Hillcrest Quarry
9-Mar-16 Wed unReal PG-13 Kirstenbosch
10-Mar-16 Thu Pretty Woman R V&A Waterfront
11-Mar-16 Fri Notting Hill PG-13 Century City
12-Mar-16 Sat Amelie R Backsberg
15-Mar-16 Tue The Holiday 13 Hillcrest Quarry
16-Mar-16 Wed The Big Lebowski R Kirstenbosch
17-Mar-16 Thu Dirty Dancing PG-13 V&A Waterfront
18-Mar-16 Fri The Great Gatsby PG-13 Fedisa
22-Mar-16 Tue Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
23-Mar-16 Wed The Karate Kid PG-13 Kirstenbosch
24-Mar-16 Thu Mary Poppins Family V&A Waterfront
25-Mar-16 Fri 50 First Dates PG Meerendal
26-Mar-16 Sat Moulin Rouge PG-13 Stellenbosch Vineyards
29-Mar-16 Tue Zoolander PG-13 Hillcrest Quarry
30-Mar-16 Wed Edward Scissorhands PG-13 Kirstenbosch
31-Mar-16 Thu Big Fish PG V&A Waterfront
1-Apr-16 Fri Grease PG The Palms
5-Apr-16 Tue Love Actually R Hillcrest Quarry
6-Apr-16 Wed Storm Surfers PG-13 Kirstenbosch
7-Apr-16 Thu The Shining R V&A Waterfront
8-Apr-16 Fri Mamma Mia! PG-13 Century City
9-Apr-16 Sat Breakfast at Tiffany’s R Boschendal
12-Apr-16 Tue Inception 13 Hillcrest Quarry
13-Apr-16 Wed The Motorcycle Diaries PG-13 Kirstenbosch
14-Apr-16 Thu Sleepless in Seattle PG-13 V&A Waterfront
15-Apr-16 Fri The Notebook PG-13 Fedisa
19-Apr-16 Tue TBC Hillcrest Quarry
20-Apr-16 Wed Titanic 13 Kirstenbosch
21-Apr-16 Thu TBC V&A Waterfront
22-Apr-16 Fri E.T. PG Meerendal
23-Apr-16 Sat Avatar PG-13 Zevenwacht
26-Apr-16 Tue TBC Hillcrest Quarry
27-Apr-16 Wed TBC Kirstenbosch
28-Apr-16 Thu TBC V&A Waterfront
29-Apr-16 Fri Dirty Dancing PG-13 UCT


5 responses to “Galileo Movie Schedule 2015/2016”

  1. So sad there are no Southern Suburbs wine farms included?!

    1. Yes, that would be a nice addition. Hopefully next year!

  2. Never been to one of these, if I select Kirstenbosch is the entrance to the park included in movie ticket or not?

    1. Yes it is.

      1. Thank you.