Waterfront Restaurant Awards 2009

Did you know that there are 74 restaurants in the Waterfront? That’s a lot. Restaurants in shopping centres are not normally the cream of the crop, in fact, I generally don’t review restaurants in shopping centres. But the Waterfront is not your average shopping centre and some of the restaurants in the Waterfront are actually top class. Think of Meloncino for Italian, and Belthazar for steak, Balducci’s or Sevruga for anything really and don’t forget Willoughby’s for seafood and sushi (several of those are running great winter specials, see the list here).

Anyway, the Waterfront has teamed up with Eat Out and created some awards for the best restaurants in the Waterfront in various categories. This year is the first year of the awards and the winners are as follows:

Best Deluxe:  Signal

Best SmartSevruga

Best Casual:  Paulaner Bräuhaus

Best Café Culture: Myatt Café & Chocolatier
Best Pub Style:  Bascule Whisky Bar and Wine Cellar
Best On the Run:  Anat Falafel and Shwarma

You can view the awards page here.


5 responses to “Waterfront Restaurant Awards 2009”

  1. Interesting choice, Myatt for Best Cafe Culture. I think I’ve only ever seen people in there once. Great idea, weird location — looks like an interior’s shop where you sit “on show”.

  2. Signal – where’s that?

  3. Michael

    The Resaurant at The Cape Grace

  4. Yes, thanks Michael. Signal is at the Cape Grace and used to be called One.Waterfront.

    I should have included a link to the Waterfront restaurant page so you could see all 74, so here it is:


  5. r whittingdale

    balthazars wine prices are exhorbitant..what must foreigners think we produce..GOLd juice?