Buzz Cafe review

I’m typing this review while sitting in Buzz Cafe because I am here alone, so I can. This is the first time I am writing a review ‘live’. The first thing I noticed is that they don’t offer WiFi, which I think is a big disadvantage these days. I often won’t go to a place because they don’t offer Wifi (see my list of places that do here). So I’m having to use my phone to connect to the internet.

Actually, that wasn’t the first thing I noticed. The first thing I noticed was that the place is actually buzzing. It’s lunch time on a public holiday and I’ve popped in for a bite between commitments, to find the place at least three quarters full. Which doesn’t surprise me as I have been hearing about Buzz Cafe from quite a few people so it’s obviously popular.

I’m pleased to see they are still offering breakfast, it’s available all day. I scanned the breakfast menu and took note of the Morning Quickie (R30) which is a standard bacon and eggs option, as well as the breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, basil pesto and avo (R36). Then I moved onto the lunch menu and considered a pepper burger (R56), as it would have been interesting to compare it to the good burger I had at Hudson’s yesterday. I also checked out the pizzas (gluten free available), particularly the meatball one (R60) and the chorizo one (R67). Finally I decided on the Thai chicken wrap (R46). It was very tasty, in fact surprisingly spicy. I like spicy food and my nose started running!  The actual tortilla was excellent, light and thin but didn’t fall apart, I’m confident it’s the best I’ve ever had. The only thing I didn’t like about the Thai wrap was that there was too much Thai sauce, it overpowered the nice fresh veggies.

I ate too fast which meant I was still peckish, leaving me open to temptation which is what happened to walk past at that moment. I ordered a short stack (3) of the flapjacks with cinnamon, banana and maple syrup (R24). Delicious.

But now I am full, I’ve ordered the bill and another flat white (14) because the first one was pretty good. Service has been adequate, but I think I’m lucky to be near the kitchen so I can just grab staff as they walk past.

I’m surprised that buzz Cafe has a full liquor licence. I think it’s quite expensive to have a liquor licence and the place doesn’t really strike me as the place you come for drinks. It’s bright and plasticy, really cheerful and perfect for a breakfast and lunch spot. But I don’t know if this is the environment I would choose for dinner. Looking around, most people are having smoothies (which look good) and cooldrinks, I think one guy had a glass of wine.

I can see why the place is popular, it has a nice ‘buzz’ and the food is pretty good. I’ll try a breakfast here next time and hopefully they read this review and decide to start offering WiFi.

Now, back to my coffee…

Buzz Cafe
96 Kloof St, Gardens (also in Cavendish and Neelsie Centre, Stellenbosch)
Tel: 021 426 2797