Le Creuset store opens at the Waterfront



It was only recently that I started to understand the value of good quality cookware and kitchen utensils. Having grown tired of trying to dice and slice things with stupid, blunt little steak knives, I purchased some Global knives. It changed my life. Whereas before I cooked only seldom, cooking became such a pleasure that I started cooking regularly, once a month.

Just kidding, it really made cooking a pleasure. The next high quality item I purchased for my kitchen was a hand blender from Yuppiechef, with all the accessories. It can whisk, blend, chop and more and at different speeds. I don’t know how I lived without it.

Then, came the non stick pan. A Scanpan, also from Yuppiechef. It’s amazing, cooking in it is a pleasure but I actually enjoy cleaning it too, because no matter what I cook in it, it’s clean in microseconds.

I love my Scanpan. But the truth is I wanted the Le Creuset pan. Le Creuset cookware is the ultimate, not only in quality but in looks too. When people see you cooking with Le Creuset cookware, they immediately give you maximum respect and admiration. They secretly wish you would adopt them.

The cast iron range, which is the original range, comes with a lifetime guarantee. So you can start collecting at any stage and at some point you’ll have a grand collection of Le Creuset cookware.

Did you know Le Creuset has been producing cookware since 1925? And ‘creuset’ is french for cauldron, which holds the molten iron for pouring into the cast.

I have two tips for your long term kitchen happiness: 1) start collecting high quality cookware and utensils and 2) look after them, keep your knives sharp and your cookware clean and don’t scratch them.

If you’re keen to see what the Le Creuset range offers, visit their new store in the Waterfront opposite Pick ‘n Pay, it’s beautiful.

For more info, visit www.lecreuset.co.za