Obz Festival 2008



Every year, for the past few years, I’ve intended to visit the Obz Festival, but I’ve never ended up going. I can’t say what the exact reasons were. I had friends that were going and the weather was good, so in theory I should have been there. I think the fact that the website didn’t have enough information might have played a role, something which has changed this year. I went to look at the all new and improved website for the Obz Festival and it’s great, full of useful information.

In fact the website makes it sounds so appealing that I’m definitely going this year. The festival runs from Friday the 5th of Dec to Sun the 7th and has many elements to it. Live music from a whole long list of bands, several markets over the course of the weekend and a film festival at the Armchair Theatre screening a selection of documentaries from the Encounters Documentary Festival earlier this year. There is also a strong focus on keeping kids happy with a variety of activities and entertainment tailored for them. Not to mention the food stalls and the restaurants in Observatory which are well worth checking out (well some of them anyway).

So I will hopefully see you there.


5 responses to “Obz Festival 2008”

  1. Ja. But parking is a bitch. Be warned!

  2. Thanks for the tip, any good suggestions for finding a spot easily?

  3. Grant Johnson

    Well worth the trip, but keep your wallet and all other valuables tucked away in your deepest darkest recesses…

    As for parking, try get a spot outside the Black River Park office complex (Fir Street) and make the 1/2 km trek over the railway bridge


  4. hey Dax.. keep me posted on your movements. Would love to join on Saturday. Going by vespa is the best idea.. pity i haven’t bought mine yet!
    See u soon

    ps – happy birthday for Saturday. So sorry i missed it.

  5. I was going to do a review after going to the Obz Festival. I did go to Obz and had breakfast at Queen of Tarts, then took a walk around. The streets looked like they had been cleaned but we still encountered broken beer bottles, blood and other miscellaneous items so it seems that the evenings are a huge party.

    I had a look around the market, mostly clothes with a few other things. I wasn’t particularly impressed, but then I don’t really shop at those sorts of markets much anyway.

    The bands hadn’t started playing yet, but a band was busy with a sound check and it sounded pretty good.

    After my little walk around, I realised I wasn’t into the vibe. So I left and went to the beach.