Pizza Fair review

I’ve realised that I’ve become quite discerning about what pizzas I’m prepared to eat these days. I do also realise that people’s tastes in pizza are very diverse so what I enjoy will not appeal to everyone. My favourite pizza’s are Col’caccio pizzas. I love the thin base and they put on just the right amount of toppings.

I ate a pizza at Morituri in Claremont a little while ago. The base was similar to Col’caccio but there was too much cheese and topping on the pizza, completely overwhelming the base and making it very oily. I also tried a pizza at Call-a-Pizza in Seapoint Main Road recently. It was horrible with a very thick base and so much topping, 1 piece was enough for dinner.

So I was quite pleased when I stopped for pizza at Pizza Fair in the Old Constantia Village on Sunday night and had a fantastic pizza. It seems to be mainly a take out or collect place even though they do have several tables inside and outside. It seems like a waste of space to have all those table and chairs not being used. They did encourage us to stay and have our pizza there, which we did, but we still ordered from the counter.

I ordered the medium Chicken Supreme (Thai chicken, bacon, peppadews & mushroom – R55) with added Avocado (R8) and really, it was amazing. As I ate the first piece I knew my tastebuds were in for a treat. My friend had a large bacon, avo and feta (R60) which he enjoyed too.

The pizzas came really quickly too, which suited us as we were hungry and the smell of cooking pizzas was driving us crazy! While we were there, we saw a lot of people come in for pizza, so the place is obviously popular and I know why. They do also offer burgers, pastas, salads and a few other things.

It was a quick in and out experience, but the memory will linger and I look forward to going to Pizza Fair again when I am next hungry in Constantia.

Pizza Fair
Old Constantia Village, Constantia (next to Wasabi)
Tel: 021 794 3250


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  1. i hate you people who can eat tastebud-treating pizza, dang you! bah humbug, the life of a wheat-intolerant ain’t easy 😛

  2. The usual local offerings should be called something like the chizza, not pizza, so over-loaded with cheese are they. I often ask them for “half the amount of cheese” or “less cheese”. And never mind that plastic mozzarella or even cheddar seems allowable… The base is of course the thing, and few places get the chewy, thin, slightly scorched bread one yearns for.

  3. The Shuttleworth is brilliant.Simple but so tasty.

    Next time you pop in there try the burgers, they are impressive.

  4. scissors

    Bardellis, Borrusos, Red Herring & Colcacchio are best in CPT in my opinion. But will now give Pizza Fair a try too!

  5. My favourites are Bravo in Moullie Point and Borrusos in Rondebosch. I love the fresh ingredients and the artichokes and asparagus.

  6. Having paged through the 2009 Eat Out guide, these are the places they say have good pizza:

    Bruegels – Durban Rd, Mowbray – 021 685 6046
    Cafe Pescado – 118 St Georges St, Simonstown – 021 786 2272
    Da Vinci’s – 70 Kloof St, Gardens – 021 424 7504
    La Piola – Steenberg Village Centre, Tokai – 021 701 3589
    Posticino – 323 Main Rd, Seapoint – 021 439 4014

  7. for all the pizza lovers… keep an eye on this website:
    it will change the way you think about pizza!
    we should finally be open by the end of January 2009.


  8. Great site, I have tired of the local pizza places, but at least Pizza fair is good. Pizza fair is good take away – I would give 6/10, Morituri, Posticcino and Col Cacchio 7/10 pizza club 7.25/10 – the .25 since they use basil on their margherita. Still the best so far is from Italy, and what I am able to make at home from what I have learnt to make using It is time that pizzeria’s in South Africa caugh a wake up.

  9. Carlyle’s on Derry Street has good pizzas too. The Thai chicken is nice, but don’t fall for the Thai prawn which is the Thai chicken + prawns, it’s better without the prawns.

  10. Satori in Kalk Bay have great pizzas, you have also got Cape to Cuba over the road for a Mojito before dinner.

  11. Having returned to Pizza Club on a number of occasions since I have to say the 7.25 was for the take away which has spent 30 mins in the back of the car. Fresh however is a different story. They are eaisest the best pizza place in Cape Town, gr8 with bookings via email, and the kids are looked after too. Well done Pizza Club (oh and revised rating 8.5 on average)

  12. Disappointed!

    I have to agree with the comments above regarding Call-a-pizza in Sea Point, Cape Town.. The pizza we ordered was delivered to us totally burnt. There was no question – I wish I could post the picture as evidence! Ricky, who we spoke to on the phone when we called to mention the disappointment with our R180 pizza, was completely unhelpful, not to mention rude and obnoxious! He refused to address the issue and had no regard for any customer dissatisfaction! I definitely won’t support that business again, following the shocking manner in which I was treated as a customer!!