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Vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town

After seeing Earthlings and subsequently posting about vegetarianism, I’ve been very keen to do a post about vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town. However, it’s not quite that simple. There are very few restaurants which are vegetarian only, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I find that the restaurants which are fully vegetarian are also quite alternative and casual, I can’t believe that there are no vegetarians that want to eat at smart, trendy or modern restaurants. Also, a vegetarian can go to a normal restaurant with a bunch of people who are not vegetarians and select a vegetarian option, but non vegetarians won’t really want to go to a vegetarian restaurant.

I think that it’s more important for all restaurants or at least more restaurants to improve the quality of their vegetarian dishes and to increase the number of vegetarian options on the menu. I was having this discussion with the Chef at the cooking course I attended. He is in catering and he reckons that he always makes extra effort for the vegetarians because they are so appreciative. He’s so right, vegetarians are so used to being an after thought and made to feel like an inconvenience that when you make a little effort for them, they are very appreciative.

I remember a long time ago going for a meal at Bardeli in Kenilworth and someone ordered the 1 of 2 vegetarian options and when it came it was so delicious that we all wanted to try it and I secretly wished I had ordered that instead of my lasagne. You should have seen how pleased our little veggie friend was!

So, below I have listed some fully vegetarian restaurants which I know about and then I have listed restaurants which have a large vegetarian selection or their vegetarian options are of exceptional quality. I know there will be many more in each category and that is where you come in, my dear readers. If you know of a place, please post a comment about it and let’s accumulate a comprehensive list of vegetarian friendly restaurants.

Also, if there is a place which is particularly vegetarian unfriendly, ie. they have no vegetarian options or their vegetarian dishes are horrible, post a comment about them too.

Which restaurant in Cape Town has the best vegetarian options, genuinely exciting, interesting and tasty? Share your thoughts and experiences…

Mainly vegetarian restaurants:

Lola’s – 228 Long Street – 021 423 0885
Fields – CLOSED
Portobello Cafe – 111 Long Street – 021 426 1418
Krishna’s Cuisine – 37 Riverside Mall, Rondebosch – 021 794 3214
Tibetan Teahouse – 2 Harrington Road, Simonstown – 021 786 1544

Vegetarian friendly restaurants:

Addis in Cape – 41 Church Street – 021 424 5722
Annapurna – Canal Walk – 021 555 3595
Health Cafe – 161 Longmarket Street – 021 424 6560
Jewel of India – V&A Waterfront – 021 419 8397
Royale – 273 Long Street – 021 422 4536
Shambala – 134 Long Street
Vanilla Cafe – 117 Hatfield Street – 021 461 7868
Yindees – 22 Camps Street – 021 422 1012
Sage Organic Cafe – 117 Hatfield Street – 021 461 7868
Zuccinis – Loop Street – 021 424 8571
Mountainview Cafe – 171 Long Street – 021 423 1852
Maharaj Vegetarian Takeout – 6 Rondebosch Court, Fountain Square – 021 685 7891
Chandani – 85 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock – 021 447 7887
The deli at Africa Cafe – 108 Shortmarket St –  (this has been taken over by Raw Food Religion and is now focused on organic & raw


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  1. A very necessary post, thank you! But I thought Fields had closed a couple of years ago? I got very excited and dialled the number you list, but it gives a “does not exist” tone. It was a fabulous restaurant and I miss it often, so if you have a lead on whether it’s been resurrected anywhere I’d love to know.

  2. Oops, I didn’t verify the list personally so you are probably right about Fields. Sorry to get your hopes up like that. It was a really well known and popular place, I wonder why it closed?

    I’ll update the list.

    Something else I meant to include in the post was that staff need to be trained so that they a) understand what vegetarianism is about and b) know about the vegetarian options on the menu and are able to make recommendations or suggestions with an understanding of how flexible the kitchen is.

  3. At last! Thanks for this list. I went to a wedding at Buitenverwagting recently and my veggie option was the envy of everyone at my table. I don’t know what their a la carte veggie options are but I suspect they’d also be excellent. Cafe Roux in Noordhoek also does some very yummy veggie salads and ciabattas. I just wish more restaurants didn’t assume veggie = mushrooms / eggs / aubergines only.

  4. Awesome list – as a vegeterian in Cape Town, this is just what I need.

  5. hey dax. i’m not a vegetarian, but am becoming much fussier about where the meat i do eat comes from… which means it’s usually easier to order vegetarian rather than try to quiz the waitrons about free-range vs not, feedlot-raised beef, versus veld-raised (the glazed look in their eyes dissuades me from venturing further into the abyss). so i’m all for more quality vegetarian options 🙂

    what about Simply Asia? they have a dedicated vegetarian section on their menu, and their food is generally pretty good.

  6. – Naked (on Kloof Street), awesome wraps – havent been in a while …are they still open?

    *now I am stuck thinking really hard here*

    Ten years of vegetarianism, one would think I’d be able to rattle it off..

    – Vintage India (cnr Buitenkant – level 2 of Gardens Centre), my personal favorite and visit the restaurant at least once a month – they some how remember your name even after months (winter time) of not going there!

    – Jamaica me Crazy (Roodebloem Road, next to Woodstock Lounge in Woodstock) , lively , vibey , reggae/dancehall music in the background, cocktail specials btwn 5-6 weekdays, awesome vegetarian menu

    Can’t remember the name for this small little restaurant in Observatory (don’t even ask the street name) – and then there’s another Indian one in Seapoint and one in Tableview. I can however remember that the Indian one in Tableview is next to the entrance to Primi Piatti…hope this helps..

    btw – What do you mean by “Vegetarian friendly” cause I interpret that as ‘not purely vegetarian but has a section in their menu for vegetarian’
    e.g. Maharaj Vegetarian Takeout – they are purely vegetarian since beginning of the year – they should be in your mainly veg list? fyi they also sell egg-less cake at R15 per slice…best chocolate cake without egg by far!!!

    Lola’s: be prepared to wait at least 30-40 mins before eating your meal
    Krishna’s Cuisine …highly recommend
    Royale …favorite
    Annapurna…favorite but only the one in Canal Walk (there is a branch in Tygervalley as well)

  7. Thanks for that feedback Anastacia, vegetarian friendly means they have a large selection of vegetarian options and they are good quality.

    I think Naked is closed.

  8. “there’s another Indian one in Seapoint and one in Tableview.”

    The other two places I referred to was Kabab Mahaal. Lovely food! Not too sure if I got the spelling correct.

    Naked closed? Ag no! *sad face*

  9. These are the additional restaurants in the 2009 Eat Out guide which received specific mention for being vegetarian friendly:

    Africa Cafe – Heritage Square, CBD – 021 422 0221
    Anatoli – 24 Napier St, Greenpoint – 021 419 2501
    Bibi’s Kitchen – Medicentre, Wynberg – 021 761 8365
    Bihari – Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Tokai – 021 702 2975
    The Cedar – 100 Main Rd, Seapoint – 021 433 2546
    Chai Yo – 65 Durban Rd, Mowbray – 021 689 6156
    Curry Quest – 89 Durban Rd, Mowbray – 021 686 3157
    The Health Cuisine – Riverside Mall, Rondebosch – 021 686 4180
    Jewel Tavern – Duncan Dock, Harbour – 021 448 1977
    Morituri – 214 Main Rd, Claremont – 021 683 6671
    Myoga – Vineyard Hotel, Newlands – 021 657 4545
    Passage to India – 2 Carnaby St, Bloubergstand – 021 557 5524
    Rioja – Solole Game Reserve, Noordhoek – 021 785 5123
    Saigon – Cnr Kloof & Camp St, Gardens – 021 424 7670
    Simply Asia – many branches

  10. chandani on roodebloom street, woodstock is very vegeterian and vegan friendly indian restaurant. sage on hatfield street in town is totally vegetarian.

  11. Thanks, Dax, for referring me to this list. However, I generally steer clear of vegetarian restaurants cos they are usually hippy kinda places, and too grungy for my liking. And the food is less than appetising. I didn’t like Portobello’s – uninspiring food that had been waiting for ages in the warmer. I like my food freshly made, and with more effort than being spooned up from a heated server.

    Having said that, the Africa Cafe (I think that’s the name) at the Centre for African Studies on UCT campus has great vegetarian food (ready-made, waiting in the heated server).

    The Tibetan Teahouse outside Simonstown has the most delicious lentil “meatballs” served on mash with chunky tomato sauce. But I wouldn’t rush there for the atmosphere. I’d prefer to be eating less delicious food at Kalk Bay Harbour.

    Chef Pons Asian Kitchen in Gardens has delicious veg options, but make sure you ask for NO fish sauce or shrimp paste, and speak to the owner, because the waiters have no clue. My experience in Asian restaurants is that “vegetarian” means it comes with vegetables, but also includes prawns etc!

    Bukkhara has great veg options. Paranga has an amazing green salad, and the atmosphere and vibe to match. Col’cacchio has great veg pizzas (not just green peppers and pineapple which is the usual veg pizza in other places – what are they thinking??). Newport makes the most delicious veg salad with ricotta and tons of avo.

    Gateway to India in Camps Bay looked promising, but the veg food was terrible. Blues veg option of risotto balls was horrible (and always ask if the risotto is made with chicken stock – it usually is in most restaurants).

    Just home from a great night out at & Union, where we had a beer tasting session, accompanied by snacks of chorizo and meat meat meat. And yet they made it seem so effortless to give me vegetarian options – what a pleasure! It will be the best cheese you’ve tasted anywhere, and the baby green salad was fresh and crisp.

  12. Health for Life has opened in Montclare Place, Main Rd, Claremont.

    It’s a vegetarian and vegan restaurant but only open during the day.

    021 671 4000

  13. Thanks for the article – I actually came here to find out if the Tibetan Teahouse serves momo-cha’s. Does anyone know?

    The little restaurant in Observatory that is very vegetarian friendly is called mimi’s – corner of Trill Rd & Lower Main Rd.

    There is a Pakistani restaurant/ take away on Kromboom Rd (in a small strip mall called Kromboom Gardens) which has great vegetarian dishes (starters and mains).

  14. Re my previous recommendation for Newport’s ricotta and avo salad… The hard times seem to have hit everyone, and my salad two days ago had considerably shrunken in size since last time. And definitely far less than tons of avo. Perhaps they are cost-cutting?

  15. Masal Dosa in Long Str and Main Rd Seapoint does awesome vegan and veggie options.
    Believe it or not, Panchos in Lower Main Rd, Obs, does the most yummy vegan chilli poppers, and they truly bend over backwards for vegans/veggies even tho they are always packed.
    Cafe Ganesh just off Lower Main Rd does great vegan stuff too.
    La Vie on Beach Rd, Seapoint, does a fantastic salad but the service sucks.
    I often get takeaways from Asian kitchen and its great. My fave food of all is Chef Pons.

  16. Refer to Max’s comment, before purchas from Simply Asia, have to order your food with NO fish sauce or shrimp paste.

  17. Portabello has unfortunately closed

  18. I think all the good ones have been listed now… One is missing! Deer Park Cafe in Vredehoek makes the most beautiful healthy wholesome veggie food! Just bear in mind that you have to love kids if you feel like checking it out… They are very child friendly!

  19. @Max it’s called the African Cuisine 🙂

    they have two shops on upper campus – one at African Studies Gallery and the other at the Food Court.

    That’s not my favorite though at UCT.

    I’d rather prefer going to the Kaplan Centre (jewish restaurant)
    or to the Krishna lady from the Rondebosch temple. She has her stall on level 1 of the Leslie Commerce Building, only gets there after 11am or so. Not there during vac though 🙁

  20. Bananajam Cafe on 2nd Ave in Harfield is rather vegetarian friendly. I’m fond of their Trinidad Roti, the Da Veggi Mon sandwich, and the Roast Veg Pasta Salad. They also have a few other vegetarian items, such as their own vegetarian burgers, soup and excellent pizzas. And can’t forget their on-tap beer, Jack Black and Pisner Urquell.

  21. Bananajam Cafe is also owned by the same guy who owns Jamaica me Crazy and guess what, that roti you mentioned is one of my favs too; all of the things you mentioned is also on the menu at Jamaica me Crazy.

    That makes me think twice about wanting to go eat there now?

  22. Quench is a new organic restaurant in Obs. worth trying.

  23. I wonder if most vegetarians know that most vegetarian Pizza, Pasta, lasagne, sandwiches -> aren’t really vegetarian.
    Most cheeses & yoghurts have either
    (1) rennet,
    (2) emulsifiers
    (3) stabilisers
    which are usually from animal origin.
    There is a very useful freeware software “Food Additives 1.0” which details all food additives for most things.

    Kabab Mahal has only been mentioned once. Originally a Durbanite, I must say its the best Indian in Town (Veg and non-Veg)

  24. Catharina’s is offering a special gourmet vegetarian menu on Mondays for Spring. Read more here:

  25. Vegan SA is a useful site for all you vegetarians out there:

  26. Other options for a vegetarian degustation menu apart from Catharina’s are: Bosman’s and Buitenverwachting

    Also, there is a new veg restaurant Rondebosch Main Rd called Squeeze (021 685 7722).

    Also along that stretch, Maharaj (021 685 7891), Olive Station (021 686 8224) and Doyu (021 685 1888).

  27. Although Portobello’s on Long Street has closed, it has been replaced by Miyabi which combines fashion retail with a dining experience (daily lunch buffet + menu) so also worth a try for a quick, simple meal.

    I would also recommend the following vegetarian-friendly places:
    bread milk honey in 10 spin street
    crush in st george’s mall (close to greenmarket square)

  28. This webpage is awasome! Thanks Dax

  29. Kwalapa at Montebello on Newlands Ave is an excellent venue for vegetarians. On Wednesdays they also offer a raw food menu.

  30. I had the best veg burger at Cafe Caprice in Campsbay last night. A classic burger with lentil/chickpea patty, tomato and onion salsa with mint and lettuce on a toasted bun. Served with half/half chips and salads. Absolutely delicious! And for R40, what a bargain! And much much better than Hudsons. (They also had a Gourmet Veg burger with brie and cranberry sauce — erm, sounds awful.)

    Have always avoided Caprice, looks too pretentious (not to mention everyone is almost half my age). But after a long walk, we felt like burgers. And it was great. From the inside out, doesn’t seem pretentious. And the service was friendly and excellent. And no-one tried to kick us out in our daggy walking clothes.

    1. Yes, I eat at Caprice regularly. A lot of people avoid it because they believe it to be pretentious, but as you said, it isn’t really and they are missing out on one of the best value dining options on the Camps Bay strip.

      I realise that depite eating there often, I haven’t actually reviewed the place. I’ll have to post a review sharply.

  31. Went to Catharina’s last night for their No-Meat Monday menu..

    Was a little scared because my finace is an eater and considering that is was not badly priced, AT ALL (R185 for a 3 course meal), I thought the portions would be too small for my ever-hungry man.

    I was wrong. It was a wonderful evening. The food was top-notch, service impeccable and portions were more than adequate (even brought home some left overs)!

    Well worth a visit, vegetarian or not!

  32. For all the vegetarians, there is a great cooking class at Sense of Taste soon which will cover only vegetarian dishes. If the menu below tickles your fancy, check out the link or email them:

    Asian inspired Mushroom Dish with Shiitsake, Enoki & Oyster Mushrooms
    Ginger Chilli Mushrooms with Soba Noodles, Spring Onions & Coriander in a Laksa Broth

    East African Pea, Tofu and Lentil Curry served as a Traditional Bunny Chow
    (This dish includes learning to bake the bread for the bunny chow)

    Rosemary and Garlic infused Polenta Cake with Leek, Zucchini and Tomato Ragout

    Then we will have esteemed Pastisserie Chef – Angie Haefele – from Vanilla House demonstrating a very special dessert (surprise for the evening) and then everyone to enjoy this delectable delight to end our sumptuous feast!

  33. Hi there

    My wife and I went to Kwalapa for their raw food day yesterday (Wed 21 Apr 2010), it was pleasant inside their tent, nice gas overhead heaters,calm setting, nice crowd, food well presented and tasty……..price at R140kg… my plate that was well stocked came in at R57…..not bad..service was excellent from our Zim polite waitron!

  34. Four of us had lunch at Tibetan Tea House in Simonstown, food tasty, well prepared, organic coffee, choice of dairy or non dairy, organic, raw……expect noise from roof renovations, fantastic view of sea and distant mountains from balcony, peaceful garden……..served by the owner/s.

  35. Hello, me again,does anyone have the contact details of the new Raw Restaurant in Vredehoek, not listed, neither on the website advertising it???????/

  36. Hi Dax…..check this out, no address or contact details for the new Raw restaurant?

    1. Here you go, the contact details for RAW

      021 461 7648
      21 Derry Street, Vredehoek

      and their Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=117548984926257

  37. This is a great link! Just to say that Maharajah in Rondebosch is a fully-fledged vegetarian restuarant (with vegan options too) as well as Maharajah Express in Rondebosch Main Road.

  38. Emilee

    thanks for the contact details for Raw, I’m confused though after reading the article, i thought it would be Raw vegetarian food, seems not. Anyone been there and could give feedback?

  39. Emilee,

    I was at Raw last week.

    I had a veg quiche.
    It was lovely and flavourful, with a nice side salad. Alas, I was left a little hungry.
    I realised afterwards that it was only R28, so I should have expected a small meal.

    My friend had a chicken/avo/something sandwich, which he said was great.
    Overall, a nice spot.

    With regards to article: I would definately vote the “SideWalk Cafe” as my favourite Vredehoek spot.
    It has fantastic veg fig salad. 🙂

    And, if you’re not a fussy vegetarian (i.e. you’re not fussy about animal-rennet cheeses etc), they have nice veg dishes & sandwiches.


  40. portobello girls can be found at the biscuit mill, right at the back. the might have a spot in obs

  41. Frank

    hey everyone you guys should check out signal at the cape grace. they do a 5 course vegan tasting menu.

  42. Cafe Royale on Long street. While famous for their amazing hamburgers, they also offer a great vegetarian selection. Their Googamooly burger (chickpea, soya and lentil patie served with quacomole and humus)is to die for!

  43. I went to Five Flies recently and ordered the vegetarian option (which was not on the menu) and it was absolutely delicious. My meat-eating partner was incredibly jealous and preferred it to his food. I am usually hesitant, however, to go to such restaurants, as they don’t usually have vegetarian options printed on their menus. At Jardine, for example, one apparently has to let the restaurant know in advance if a vegetarian option is required.

    I am also a great fan of Royale. Especially the fact that they have a “Vegetarian burgers continued…” page in their menu!

  44. Miche

    After an unnecessarily long conversation with the Buitenverwachting events coordinator, I managed to organise a vegetarian option for my wedding there about a month ago. It took a while to get the concept of ‘vegetarian means no chicken or fish’ across, and I had to order the exact number of vegetarian dishes weeks in advance because guests wouldn’t have the option on the night (just for interest’s sake, the exact number ended up being 4 out of 100). After all that, the vegetarian option was absolutely delicious, and a lot of effort had clearly been put into it, even including the amous buche – but considering the enormous cost of food there for the wedding, I was expecting more cooperation. Especially because I’m a vegetarian myself! (but luckily I’m not a strict vegetarian – otherwise the gelatin in the panna cotta would’ve made it off-bounds!)

  45. Chris

    Wow! Thank you Dax, and all your commenters for all this information. My husband and I are planning a trip to South Africa, and as vegetarians, we have been very worried about being able to eat there. So many sources of information say that it is very difficult for vegetarians to get by in South Africa. I am glad to know that we can find some decent food, at least in Cape Town.

    You said, “I can’t believe that there are no vegetarians that want to eat at smart, trendy or modern restaurants.”

    I want to say, you should not believe it. We love smart, trendy and modern vegetarian restaurants, but it seems they are hard to find outside of the US and Europe. We moved to Mexico from the United States about four years ago, and one thing that has been very disappointing here is the fact that people have a picture of vegetarian food as nothing but bland, tasteless health food. We have a couple of vegetarian restaurants in our city of Guadalajara, but they are both the type of vegetarian establishment you complain about. In the United States, we had the granola-type places, but we also had some “regular” restaurants that were vegetarian, like Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, Watercourse Foods in Denver or Blossom in New York.

    Vegetarians DO enjoy eating at nice restaurants. It just seems that everyone else thinks that the only things we eat are salad and bowls of wheat germ.

  46. How about a fresh list for 2010? This one is nearly two years old and restaurants turn over fast in Cape Town.

  47. CandidKar

    I second that, a fresh list would be great

    1. Noted, will investigate when i have a chance.

  48. Dax, when and if u do update the list, maybe include specific ingredients. eg. I buy my soya chunks in Bo Kaap, my vegetarian samoosas lady and egg free cake is in Walmer Estate, etc – just an idea? I personally am keen to hear where others buy their certain food items.


    Happy cow lists some

    My favourites include:

    Closer, Muizenberg (100% vegan)
    Bella Vegan Cafe, Simonstown (100% vegan)
    Earthshine (100% raw vegan) – order online or find them at Old Biscuit Mill & other markets
    Cafe Jo Browns, town (100% veg, with lots of vegan options including cakes & tarts)
    Tibetan Tea House, Simonstown (100% veg, with plenty vegan options and vegan scones!)
    Maharaja’s, Rondebosch (100% veg, many vegan options – the owner is vegan and will be extra kind if your equest vegan)

    And of course many other veg-friendly places with vegan items on their menus, and many more that will go out of their way to prepare a vegan meal for you if you notify them in advance.

    For more info & support for veganism in SA, visit the South African Vegan Society facebook page or website.

  50. Lola’s closed down…
    Bella Vegan in Simonstown is also closed, but Jen sells her amazing vegan pastries at markets in the area.
    There is a new one in town called Dear Me.
    And in the Southern Subs, right by Cavendish it’s O’ways for vegetarian dim sum.
    Salad Lovers at Earthfair market.

  51. We’re running a vegetarian and raw food workshop next month. It’s hopefully the first of many as there is generally a lack of vegetarian friendly food out there. While this isn’t a restaurant, hopefully it will give vegetarians an evening to enjoy and also chat to other vegetarians about their favourite haunts! Check out more about the workshop here:

  52. gillian key

    O’ways teacafe in clarement is really special vegetarian fare.Brilliant chef and unusual food,very well priced and peaceful.Very good coffee and wild selection of teas.

  53. The African Cafe on Buitengracht Street, next to Marshall Music is my new hotspot! They not only offer vegetarian food, but Raw Vegan food too. I am in love

  54. I’ve added the African Cafe deli to the list as they are now focused on raw and organic.

  55. Hi there i am a little surprised that there is no falafel joint on your list seeing that it is one of my best, and we have great falafel her in cape town at shawarma express in long street and they also have a branch in sea point , must be the best falafel iv eaten in years.

  56. Falafel at Shwarma Express is very good, but it’s certainly not a vegetarian restaurant!

    As a vegetarian, I’m also not keen on the mixing of utensils and the slightly meaty flavour that permeates the falafel. So I stopped eating there. If they had two distinct sides – one for meat, one for falafel – I’d be there often!

  57. Hi Dax
    Thanks for looking after the veggies!
    I also like O’Ways in Claremont. Best original menu in town. Great coffee too!
    And a great place for fantastic veggie food is the Hope St market on a Saturday
    Sorry people, but meat is on the way out! 🙂

  58. thanks for the great article. there are so many great places that serve vegetarian food in Cape Town.
    If you’re a vegetarian living in Cape Town, check out my website,, place where we share recipes, reviews and hints and tips for new vegetarians.
    Non-vegetarians are also welcome, we just started a great Meat Free Monday feature 🙂

  59. I recently launched a series of vegetarian and vegan supper clubs at some of Cape Town’s top hotels. We’ve had events at Steenberg, Mount Nelson with the next event at Azure, 12 Apostles.

    It’s a great way to experience some awesome vegetarian food and meet some fellow veggies in real life 🙂 Take a look here for more info.

  60. Really useful conversation. Thanks.

    Visiting Cape Town and some great vegetarian items were eaten at:

    – Kalk Bay Cafe in Kalk Bay: Lots of veg & vegan items, delicious burgers & sea views.
    – Cantina Tequila in Edward St, Tygervalley: Their mexican veg platter has quesadillas, fried mushrooms, jalepeno poppers, and nachos, with avo etc.
    – Cafe Ole in Somerset Mall: fresh and flavourful wraps gourment sandwiches.
    – Vintage in Gardens: always a winner!
    – Panarottis veg burger: one of the best pizzas from a big franchise store.

  61. I’m missing the “Spades and Spoons” in Wynberg and “Babel” at Babylonstoren on your list.

  62. Leozette Roode

    Love this article thank you Dax!

    I had dinner tonight at Ons Huisie in Blouberg and asked the waiter whether the chef could produce a vegan dish for me. He came back saying yes, he could do a vegetable crepe dish. Fortunately I knew that crepes are made with butter, egg and milk (not vegan) and thus corrected him. They eventually brought me a plate with super oily french fries, dry sweet potato and a spoon of colorless veg on the side…and charged me R70 for it!

    I am absolutely disgusted and will definitely rather try the veg-only restaurants you recommended above.