Hyundai spectator zone at the Waterfront

I watched a game at the Hyundai Fan Park (by the big wheel) and it was packed. They can accommodate 2000 people, so much of gees in one marquee, it was amazing. The screen is huge, it might even be too big because it switched off a couple of times during the game. Hopefully they have sorted that problem out. Despite the fact that you have to buy drink coupons and then exchange them at the bar, it was quite quick and easy to get drinks. There is also a wide selection of food vendors.

It’s only R20 to get in but the one negative is parking, there is none. They recommend you park at the Clocktower, but that’s quite a walk. So I got smart and parked in the main Waterfront parking and caught the next bus that stops outside the entrance (one every few minutes). It drives through the Waterfront and out that exit, so I hopped off right by the big wheel.

They also have a DJ who plays before and after the match, and during half time which really keeps the mood up. There are plenty of tables and benches, but not enough for everyone. So if you are planning to watch a big game at the Hyundai spectator zone, get there an hour before to secure seating for you and your posse.

Below are some more pics taken at the Hyundai spectator zone, and don’t forget about the Waterfront 2010 website which contains tons of useful information: