Tourist Interview: Dules from Cameroon

Dules is originally from Cameroon but is now living in Paris. He purchased the team followers package, so he has been travelling around the country supporting Cameroon. This photo was taken just before the Holland vs Cameroon game in Cape Town on the 24th June.

Below are his answers to my questions:

Q. How long are you in SA for?
A. Five weeks

Q. Is this your first visit to SA?
A. Yes

Q. What do you think of SA?
A. Amazed by infrastructure but disappointed in public transport. I’ve been unable to go out at night in Johannesburg because there is no public transport.

Q. How many games are you watching at the stadiums?
A. Eight

Q. Are you travelling to other cities or staying in Cape Town?
A. I’ve been to Bloemfontein and Johannesburg as well

Q. Which is your favourite city?
A. I can’t say as I have not had a chance to do much sightseeing

Q. Which is your favourite stadium?
A. Soccer city, but looking forward to my first game at Cape Town stadium

Q. Where are you staying in Cape Town?
A. At a friend’s house

Q. What do you think of Cape Town?
A. Haven’t had a chance to look around

Q. What do you think of the V&A Waterfront?
A. Good

Q. What do you think of the vuvuzela?
A. This is what makes it an African world cup, it is a good thing

Q. Do you have a vuvuzela?
A. Yes

Q. Would you come back to SA after the World Cup?
A. Yes, I’d love to bring my wife and kids here