Greenpoint stadium tour review

Long time readers of Relax with Dax will know that I have been very anti the stadium being built in Greenpoint. I posted about this in April 2007 and there were some very interesting responses. I know I wasn’t alone in my viewpoint. However, the stadium in Greenpoint is now a fait accompli and we have the choice to sit and grumble about it for the rest of our lives or we can accept it and make the most of it. I will admit that sitting around grumbling for the rest of my life is quite appealing, that’s just the way I am. But having said that, I know it’s not the better of the two options, so I’ve decided to accept and embrace.

So when I saw that the stadium has a visitors centre which offers tours and presentations on the stadium, I knew I had to go and find out what’s going on there. I attended one of a series of lectures about different aspects of the stadium. Before the lecture we were taken into the stadium (after donning hard hats and safety vests and signing a form). There we were told a little about the building process, what they were busy with and what the various parts of the stadium were. We could ask questions and they were quite well answered as the tour guides were actually involved in the project at a high level. They pointed out several features of the stadium which were later elaborated on in the lecture.

After the tour, we returned to the visitors centre for the lecture. The lecture room is set up as a mini replica of a stand in a soccer stadium with a big screen for the presentation. We were actually treated to two lectures which were both very interesting. The first one was given by someone who was involved with locating the stadium and he took us through the process of locating the stadium and developing the concept for the areas around it. A lot of thought has gone into making a visit to the stadium an experience, rather than just a visit. The designers have learnt lessons and taken ideas from other stadiums around the world.

The second presentation was on the green area surrounding the stadium. I never realised just how big that area is. Apart from the stadium, there will be an athletics track, sport fields, a nine hole golf course as well as the Wyngard Fort, a community park and an eco village. They are obviously concerned that the area might not be used so they are going to great efforts to ensure it caters to a wide range of people and that it is accessible and safe. There will be a pedestrian walkway from the Mouille Point lighthouse all the way to the Greenpoint circle. The park will have various areas which will allow for different activities and even different garden styles. They are hoping to have a play park with special equipment for disabled kids. There were many more things which were presented, too much for me to remember.

After seeing the two presentations, I am convinced that the stadium and green areas around it will be world class. I look forward to seeing the completed project and I am sure I will be proud to show it to visitors to our beautiful city.

The website for the visitor centre is still under construction, but it does have contact details (021 430 0410). The tour details are as follows (note the major difference highlighted in red):

Magic Tour – 60 Mins – R40
– 35 min play on the history of Greenpoint Common
– A virtual mini tour of the stadium
– A guided view of the stadium from the viewing deck
10am: Mon – Sat
12pm: Sat
2pm: Mon – Fri

Stadium Walk – 45 Mins – R100
– 10 min documentary on design, construction & planning of the stadium
– Virtual mini tour of the stadium
A guided site walk
5:15pm: Mon – Fri
1:30pm: Sat
11am: Sun


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  1. Hey daxo – nice post!
    I will definitely be booking a visit soon… up to now, I’ve been satisfying myself with looking out over the construction activities from our deck, and regularly going online to the SkyScraperCity forum (link attached) to see what’s planned & going on. Check out the link, and scroll down a little to see the plan view of the entire Greenpoint common area.
    It’s also worth going to the new thread ( they’ve opened up that keeps tabs on later happenings (the first 2 threads having proven so popular they’ve outgrown readability).

  2. I see first link didn’t come through… here it is:

  3. I think it is looking so subtle and beautiful on the skyline. Most stadiums are very boxy with too many right angles, this one sweeps its profile with the mountains in the background.

    my 2c!

  4. Thank Greg, there are some great pics and diagrams at those links, both of the stadium and the surrounds.

    Reto, you’re right, it is a smooth design and apparently the lighting will be soft which will make it look even more attractive.

  5. Great Post,

    I was not aware that one can go for tours. I must definately go and make a booking for one. Could be very educational.


  6. Hey

    The visitor centre website is working but still under construction.

    Video of the stadium they played at the end:

  7. Thanks for that video link Mo Rush, it’s great!

    I attended the stadium tour and presentation with a friend of mine, Grant. He is much more adept with a camera than I am and took some great shots. Below are some examples to see more of the stadium and his other work, visit his Flickr page

  8. William Richter

    I would like to get more information on the stadium screens that are being installed. What is being used and who is building them etc. Can anyone help?

  9. Hi William,
    I don’t know the answer to that question, but why don’t you follow the link to the Stadium thread at
    There is one particularly guy (Mo.Rush) who seems to have all the info at his fingertips…

  10. i work for a hotel and i treied calling a few times too much to get dissapointed that your phone line is always on voicemail…

    the guests are all wanting to go on a tour or the stadium please get back to me

  11. Hi,

    I have the same problem as Miriam, can you help out?

  12. The Visitor’s Centre has reopened! Open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Hour-long tours commence at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. Prices are R30 for adults, and R15 for pensioners and children.

    The tour of the stadium includes the stands, players’ changing rooms, VIP/hospitality area and prison cell. Access to the pitch is, however, not permitted.

    For more information, call 021 430 7346.

  13. And its already very popular ! Dont think you can just saunter in ! No way need to book at least a week in advance I found out to my cost 🙁