3 Documentaries at the Labia

There are three EXCELLENT documentaries being screened at the Labia this month. I have seen all of them and highly recommend them all. They are on different topics, but the topics interlink to form a bigger picture. Here is a quick summary of each with a link to my review, the documentary website and the show times.

A Convenient Truth: Urban solutions from Curitiba, Brazil 

This is a brilliant documentary about what can be achieved by a city when people apply their minds. It looks at things like public transport, waste & recycling, low cost housing and employment. It is inspiring.
Read my review here, or visit the documentary website here.
Showing on Sunday 9th Nov, 6:15pm and Tuesday 11th Nov, 6:15pm


The World According to Monsanto

I saw this documentary recently and was blown away. It’s a fresh angle on the GM foods debate. Instead of looking at GM foods themselves, which has been done many times, they look at the company that wants to sell them to you and asks “should you be buying anything these guys try and sell you?”.
Read my review here. Unfortunately I can’t seem to locate a website for the documentary.
Showing Sunday 16th, 23rd, 30th Nov, 4pm


The Power of Community: How cuba survived Peak Oil

Another inspiring documentary. This one looks at how Cuba survived an artificial Peak Oil. We will all be facing Peak Oil one day, so we should learn lessons from Cuba.
Read my review here, or visit the documentary website here.
Showing Sunday 16th, 23rd, 30th Nov, 6:15pm

The documentaries will be screened at Labia on Kloof, call 021 424 5927 to book