&Union breakfast review

I’ve reviewed &Union before (here), and it’s no secret that their pork prego roll is one of my favourite meals. A few months ago they started offering breakfasts and I popped in the other day to try them out.

Their breakfast menu is as unusual as their lunch/dinner menu. No bacon and eggs, just tostadas and pastries and one of the best coffees in Cape Town. I ordered my coffee (a wet meia de leite – R20) and thought I would try a tostada as I have had the pastries before and know they are amazing. I don’t know how they get them so light and fluffy. Basically the opposite of the heavy croissant I had from Liquorice & Lime the other day.

I must admit, the tostada did not blow me away. I had the Rabiola (R20), and it is basically some cheese on a toasted ciabatta. For some reason I expected melted cheese, but the cheese is obviously added after the bread has been toasted so the cheese is still cool. It was good quality cheese and a great fresh ciabatta but I just found the whole thing a bit boring.

&Union still offers free WiFi which is a big draw card (see my list of restaurants with WiFi here). The fantastic coffee is another draw card and the pastries are worth checking out too. So I’d suggest &Union as a breakfast/coffee option, but don’t think I’d recommend the tostadas.

& Union
110 Bree Street, Cape Town
021 422 2770