Top 100 Wine List Awards

I am a judge for the value segment of the Top 100 Wine List Awards this year, the first year of the competition. I’m quite excited about this competition because, unlike most other competitions in the wine industry, it’s very transparent. You can go onto the website and download the judging criteria to see how you will perform even before you enter.

Once you have been judged you will have feedback on your entry so that you can see where you fell short and therefore improve your performance the following year. This is a refreshing approach and allows for development in the industry. Even restaurant owners who are not wine savvy can download the judging matrix and use it as a guide to spruce up the quality of their wine list.

As part of the marketing we recorded some conversations about the value awards to be played on Fine Music Radio. These chats have been turned into Youtube videos so you can hear them (even though you don’t listen to FMR). How do I sound?

You can read more about the Top 100 Wine List Awards on the Website.