Diemersfontein Pinotage on Tap 2011 review

The recipe for Pinotage on Tap hasn’t changed much. Last year I did a full review and linked to my previous reviews as well, but this time I’m just going to point out a few of the good and bad things.

What I’ve realised about Pinotage on Tap is that it’s a really friendly event. I commented on this to a few people and they agreed, everyone is very friendly. I reckon that’s one of the things that keeps people coming back, it’s a feel good festival.

While the fundamentals (food, wine, music) of the festival remain the same from year to year, there have been some changes which I think have been good for the festival. There is a barrel of white wine and there is beer available as well as cool drinks. This is really a positive because not everyone can handle drinking red wine all day. It also seems that they have stopped sending food around, instead giving everyone vouchers for food. This is better because if you get it right (like I seemed to do) in previous years, you could miss the food most of the time. This way you go an collect what you want when you are ready.

I think this could be extended further. Why give everyone a bag containing a sandwich and a bottle of water on arrival? Use vouchers for the sandwiches as well and use water dispensers and cups. Giving out 2000 bottles of water is not environmentally friendly.

I also wasn’t terribly excited about the bands this year. I guess it can’t be easy finding new acts to perform every year. Maybe there should be public participation. People could nominate bands, perhaps via Facebook. I’d like to nominate Goodluck for next year, those guys know how to rock a party. Also, Them Tornadoes. That would be a legend lineup.

The last thing which wasn’t great was that everyone started breaking the hay bales and throwing hay around. It’s not really that pleasant having hay thrown at you non stop. It gave me a terrible case of hay fever.

Despite those constructive criticisms, Pinotage on Tap remains one of the best wine festivals on the calendar and I’m sure I’ll be there next year again.

We were lucky that this year Open Gardens fell on the same weekend so we went in the morning and visited Klein Optenhorst. The garden was stunning and their champagne was also amazing. That was a lovely start to our day. Wellington really has so much to offer, a trip out there should never be wasted.

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  1. Dodgywinefundi October 27, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    I have read the blog and I just want to add my 5c to the barrel if you would allow me. For me personally the sandwich and water is a great way to start the festival. Why? Because its always a good thing to have a bite to eat before you start drinking. Plus, the festival started at 13h00, lunchtime, so not a bad idea at all and the water helps with dehidration. 2000 bottles might not be so eco friendly but they are recycled and the cups idea will end up with between 4000 and 6000 cups being used because no one will use the cup over and over and will take a new one every time. So thats also not eco friendly. About the bands, there was something for everyone`s taste and Diemersfontein did ask beforehand for us the supporters to name a few bands. Evolver are a hit and should be there every year! Further there was the haybale thing but as we know people, when they enjoy their wine they make some fun and they were asked to stop it. However, I think its difficult to enforce a ban on haybale throwing and as long as people are stoped soon enough some of us might have a itche or two but at least everyone enjoyed the festival. Keep on doing what you did this year Diemersfontein and lets see with what surprizes you will entertain us next year!