Top 10 Winter Restaurant Specials 2010

There are several lists going around of winter restaurant specials at the moment. Some are nearing one hundred specials. That’s a lot of specials, but I believe only a few of them are really worth worrying about. You can read my thoughts on that here. Below are the few that I have selected because I believe they are worth making an effort to take advantage of.

We have some serious fine dining establishments in the Western Cape. They are a bit out of my price range for regular dining so when they offer a winter special, I like to get in there and remind myself how food can and should taste:

La Colombe – 021 794 2390
3 Course lunch with carafe of wine for R280, 5 course dinner paired with wines for R380
Until end of September

Jardine – 021 424 5640
3 Course dinner for R150
Until end of May

The Roundhouse – 021 438 4347
7 Course dinner for R245
Until end of May

Terroir – 021 880 8167
2 Courses for R165, 3 courses for R195 (lunch or dinner)
Until end of September

Reubens – 021 876 3772
3 Courses for R150, paired with wine for R220
Until mid June

Myoga – 021 657 4545
6 Course menu for R150 (pairing are an additional R200)
Until end of June

On other occasions, I just want a good value meal. That’s decent food at great prices:

Cafe Caprice – 021 438 8315
2 Burgers for the price of one, Mon – Thurs, lunch & dinner
Until end September

Pepenero – 439 9037
250g Sirloin R79, seafood platter R129, 1kg prawns R99, oysters R9ea, half-price sushi
Permanent special

Beluga/Sevruga – 021 418 2948 / 021 421 5134
Half price sushi until 6pm, 26pc sushi platter  R110, 1kg prawns R110
Permanent special

Number 10 is for you to fill in because your top 10 might differ from mine do to preferences and location. You may be a pizza fanatic and would therefore include a pizza special or you might live in Southern Suburbs resulting in the inclusion of some more local option. The point is, go through the lists, weed out the junk and make a note of the genuine good value offers. Then take advantage of them.


6 responses to “Top 10 Winter Restaurant Specials 2010”

  1. Karen

    Do give Chenin’s special a go if you haven’t yet. At R60 for a(n exceptional) main + glass of wine – for me, it’s what a special should be!

  2. The new Pepperclub Hotel in Town is doing live jazz every Friday from 4pm. Sushi and tapas available as well as for R60,00, 6 oysters and a glass of bubbly. quite a chic environment too

  3. Been to Cafe Caprice and Beluga for their specials. Good value! Also was at Hussar Grill for their 1kg ribs – R99. Nom nom nom…

  4. Called Sinns because i read somewhere that they have a winter special but they dont.
    Bayside has taken their special off as well (cause of WC)!
    Andiamo have also taken off their winter special.
    My gut feel is that straight after the 11th July they will be back on!