The Entertainer – 2 for 1 vouchers

You may know that when it comes to specials, vouchers and group buying, I’m a bit cynical of the actual value provided. You may have read my post on Group Buying in South Africa or my other post on What I Dislike About Restaurant Specials. One of my regular gripes is specials that are only valid at certain times. It’s so much admin to remember that a special is only on between 6pm and 6:15pm on Tuesday and Sundays. The other gripe I have is specials that require you to spend a bunch of money in order to benefit. For instance restaurants that offer a 3 course menu on special. What if I only want 1 course, maybe 2? I like specials that save me money not make me spend more.

So when I got a call from a friend telling me I needed to check out this new voucher book, I was really not excited. But I checked it out and it’s the first voucher book that actually makes sense. It’s so simple, every voucher is 2 for 1 and it’s valid anytime. You can’t get more simple than that. For restaurants it means a main course, for hotels it means 2 nights instead of 1 or two rooms instead of one. You can even use up to 3 vouchers at one time so 6 people could dine and 3 main courses would be free!

The book is called the Entertainer and it started in Dubai in 2001 but there are now 21 different books covering various cities around the world. The Cape Town book launches in December, but if you pre order online during November you receive a 15% discount off the price which is R450.

The book has vouchers for restaurants, cafes, nightspots, spas, hotels, etc. Mostly in Cape Town but some on Johannesburg too. Depending on which vouchers you use, you would recoup the cost of the book with just one voucher!

Obviously the other thing that can make vouchers suck is if they are for crappy venues, but I’ve had a look at the list of partners and I’ve been impressed. Some of my favourites are:

  • Deluxe Coffee Works
  • Knead Bread Company
  • HQ
  • Jonkerhuis
  • Sinns (2x bouillabaisse please!)
  • Belthazars
  • Hemelhuijs
  • Sotano
  • Gibson’s
  • Bistro Sixteen82

That’s just 10 out of over 150 partners.  There’s definitely going to be something for everyone.

2 for 1, anytime, multiple vouchers allowed. Real savings, real simple.

Find more info and purchase your copy at the Entertainer website.

They also offer additional specials through the website. You can follow the Entertainer on Twitter or on Facebook to be in the know for latest news.


3 responses to “The Entertainer – 2 for 1 vouchers”

  1. HI Dax,

    There is a similar voucher book out there called Cape Coupons and they have been around for a couple of years. I know if you don’t receive it for free in your post you can subscribe. It only costs R99 and you get a new book of vouchers every 2 months and a free R100 voucher for either Cattle Baron Canal Walk or Ocean Basket Westlake. Thought you might find this interesting.

    1. Yes, you’ve mentioned Cape Coupons a few times here so I am aware of it. As I said in my review, what I like about The Entertainer is the simplicity. 1 deal, valid anytime.

      1. Hi Dax,

        Unfortunately Cape Coupons has discontinued their magazine.

        They have re-launched an online version at and I’m really enjoying it.

        They charge R2 to access a coupon and you can either print it or send it to your phones as an SMS.

        I have used them a couple of times and although the first restaurant was not familiar with the redemption process the second restaurant accepted it without a problem.

        They do give you 4 free credits a month and seem to have a pretty good selection.

        Definitely worth checking out.