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  • Tips For Travelling To London

    Tips For Travelling To London

    I was recently in London for 10 days. The week was mostly business but I had the weekend to enjoy the city. I thought I would share the things I learnt and some tips that might help you next time you visit.

  • London Restaurants 2012 – Part 2

    London Restaurants 2012 – Part 2

    I was sent over to London for 10 days by Virgin Atlantic as part of their promotion of their daily direct flight from Cape Town to Heathrow. I wrote two posts on my experiences in London, which you can read here and here. This is my 2nd (and final) post dedicated to my food experiences…

  • London Restaurants 2012

    London Restaurants 2012

    I’ve been to London many times before but I’ve always been aware of the exchange rate and so was quite careful about how much I spent on food. This trip was a little different as Virgin Atlantic gave me a budget along with strict instructions to investigate the food scene in London. So that is…

  • London 2012

    London 2012

    It’s been 4 years since my last visit to London so I was interested to see how things had changed considering that since my last visit the city has hosted the Olympics and the financial crash. Things certainly have changed a bit, but I don’t know if those changes are related to either of these events. The…

  • London with Virgin Atlantic

    London with Virgin Atlantic

    On Tuesday the 16th of October, Virgin Atlantic activated their direct flight from Cape Town to London which they offer during the summer months. I was asked if I would fly to London for a week and report on the experience and I agreed to do it. While in London, I would use the Virgin…

  • Cape Town vs London

    Cape Town vs London

    Ok, so I’m back from holiday and I have a backlog of things I want to post. Seeing as I have just spent 3 weeks in London, I thought I would post some thoughts on restaurants and food in London compared to Cape Town. I ate at a variety of restaurants from McDonalds (embarrassingly) to…