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I wrote recently about the new app version of The Entertainer, which was previously only in book format. I’ve been testing it out since it launched in November and taking advantage of the free offers that have been released each month. In my previous post I looked at the many advantages of the app over the book (apart from saving trees), in this post I will be sharing the process of using the app.

The Entertainer app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry (10). You can download the app anytime because it is free. You will have to purchase the relevant city pack, which is currently on special at less than R300 (a discount of about 40%). Once you have downloaded the app, you click on ‘Buy’ and select your city of choice. You will then be able to pay with your credit card within the app. But you can start using the app without buying the city pack as there are some free offers available until the city pack becomes active in January.

The Entertainer Screenshot The Entertainer Screenshot

The app is really easy to use. When you open it you see a list of offers in order of geographic proximity. This is great for seeing what offers are available around you right now. If you’re heading somewhere else, you can click on MAP and see a map of all the offers to see if there is something near where you will be. Once you’ve chosen a venue from the list or map, selecting it will bring up the venue and offer details.

The Entertainer Screenshot

The details screen will give you the address of the venue and a description so that you can determine if it will be an appropriate venue for the occasion. Clicking the map option will give you directions from your current location to the venue. Clicking Call will bring up the venue telephone number and allow you to dial it. On this screen you will see the details of the offers available. It is usually a main menu item free when 2 main menu items are purchased. But the deals can be different so check before you go.

There are four buttons at the bottom of the screen. Offers is the main page, Savings will give you an estimate of the amount you have saved so far based on the average price of a meal from the restaurants where you have used offers. This number will only be ballpark. The Buy button is for purchasing the full city pack. You may buy Cape Town only, or you may be going to spend some time in another city and will get good value out of the pack for that city while you are there. The last button is the search button. This is used to find a restaurant by name or to find a restaurant by cuisine type. Feel like Italian tonight? Or steak for lunch? This is how you will find those options.

Using The App

Using the actual offer is simple. You don’t have to tell them when booking, or even on arrival. When you request the bill, just tell the waiter to please process your Entertainer offer. Open the app, select the restaurant and click on the offer.

The Entertainer Screenshot The Entertainer Screenshot

It will show you the offer detail, simply click REDEEM. It will ask you for you PIN (you will have chosen this when you first used the app). Then it will ask for the merchant’s PIN. The waiter should be able to enter this, otherwise simply get the waiter to send the manager over. Once the correct PINs have been entered it will show you the reference number for the transaction. The restaurant might want to note this down. Once you click Done, it will show you a final screen with an estimate of your savings.

The Entertainer Screenshot The Entertainer Screenshot

When the bill arrives, the restaurant will have deducted the cheapest main course (or the item specified by the offer). You pay the reduced total but remember to tip on the full bill, not the discounted amount.

And that is it. So easy! Now go forth and save money!

So download the app now (available for Android, iPhone & Blackberry 10) and take advantage of the reduced price valid until end December.

Read more about The Entertainer offer book on their website | Facebook Page | Twitter.

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