Restaurant News – what’s closed and what’s opened

There’s been  quite a lot of movement on the restaurant scene lately, so I thought I would update you. If you know if any other happenings that I haven’t listed, please leave a comment below.

I’m not sure what the deal is with Kloof Street, but all of the following restaurants are on that street…

Depasco on the corner of Buitensingel and Kloof Streets is now Sabrina’s Portuguese Flavours. I do enjoy Portuguese flavours myself, so looking forward to trying that.

Tong Lok just up the road from Depasco is closed.

Mason, a bit further up Kloof Street is also closed.

Buzz Cafe, further up Kloof Street appears to have closed.

Even further up, Blooze Bar has closed and has become a new place called Jackal & Hide. They have asked me to come review so will report back soon.

Apparently Black Pearl, also on Kloof Street, has closed. I think it was where Seven Sins was.

St Elmos (next to Hudsons), which was always empty so that’s no surprise has closed and is now an Italian restaurant called Mitico. Every time I have driven past it has been packed so they must be doing something right.

Dropping down to Long Street, Fat Back Soul has become South China Dim Sum bar. I hear good reviews but haven’t managed to get a table myself.

Moving to the Cape Quarter in Green Point, Lazari closed and was replaced by Zabad.

In the old Cape Quarter, Thai Cafe has opened where Chenin used to be (old Nose Bar).

In Southern Suburbs, Caveau at the Mill Closed as well as Greens in Claremont which was replaced by a new Hudsons.

Don Pedros in Woodstock has been taken over by Madame Zingara, and recently reopened, but still as Don Pedros.

La Med has closed and been replaced by the very plush Bungalow.

Not to be deterred by the many closures, these new restaurants have recently opened:

Our first Gourmet hot dog restaurant, On a Roll (Durban Road, Mowbray).

Mahogany Room is a jazz club on Buitenkant Street, something we need as there are no jazz clubs left. They don’t make food, but they allow you to order from the Italian restaurant next door.

If you’re a burger aficionado, you’ll be excited about this new burger spot, The Dog’s Bollocks in Roodehek Street.

Also on the burger front, Clarke’s has opened just up from Birds Cafe on Bree Street.

On Strand Street, Alexander’s Bar and restaurant has opened.

Luke Dale Roberts has opened the Pot Luck Club, a more casual tapas option, right next door to his very successful Test Kitchen.

Petit Caveau has opened at Century City.

Apart from those already opened, we have a couple waiting in the wings:

Richard’s dinner and theatre looks like it will be opening where Adega was on the corner of Glengariff  and Main Road, Seapoint.

Neil Grant is also about to open his Italian restaurant in the Biscuit Mill.

And that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Please feel free to add additional info in the comments below.


16 responses to “Restaurant News – what’s closed and what’s opened”

  1. Masons is becoming a new Slug and Lettuce.
    Societi Brasserie has opened.
    Knead on Kloof Street has opened.

  2. Slug & Lettuce? Isn’t it a bit big for that? They seem to like small pokey places…

  3. Can’t wait to try Neil Grant’s place when it opens!!!! From what I hear, it’s going to give Massimo’s a run for its money…

  4. I forgot that Down South in Long Street is also closed now.

  5. CT Happenings

    The “Slug & Lettuce” group are busy with 3 new stores… Kloof (old Mason’s), Newlands (I presume the old caveau), and Stellenbosch (the old Beads in Ryneveld str). All decent locations.

    Tollies Steak & Ale has opened in stellenbosch (ex “Tollies” site)

  6. There is another Jazz club, it’s called Mojo’s in Station Road, Obs. They also don’t serve food but are happy for you to order from anywhere in Obs and have a system with Sticky BBQ down stairs.

  7. Hey Dax – we quietly opened a few weeks ago at 84 Kloof Street. We’ve been working hard at getting out menu right, and think that our real burgers are rocking now! Craft Beer (R20 per pint) and bottomless soda with every meal are some of our treats – but you’ll hear more when you pop in to our opening!

  8. Paulaner at the Waterfront has also closed.

  9. And we have finally had some openings in the southern suburbs too… Erawan, very good Thai food restaurant in Chelsea village and the deli at the alphen hotel has an excellent range of tasty dishes too… been a while that I’ve had trouble deciding what to choose because everything sounds so good!

  10. Mary-anne

    Could you please send me the full address of Caveau in Century City,please?

  11. Sabrina’s corner of Kloof just closed… no takers on the space as yet!

    1. That Portuguese place? But it couldn’t have been open for more than a few weeks?

  12. Boo Radley’s has closed down.

  13. The Fez & Vaudeville have closed, as well as Vanilla in the Cape Quarter.

  14. Apparently Sorento in Westlake Business Park has closed, and will be replaced by Col’Cacchio. Anyone know when they are supposed to open?

  15. A new bar/restaurant called The Orphanage has opened on the corner of Bree & Orphan streets.