Myatt Cafe review

People often ask me for advice on what restaurants they should go to and I pride myself on sending them somewhere perfectly appropriate. But a little while ago somebody asked me where they should go for breakfast in the Waterfront and I couldn’t think of many good options. There is the Mugg & Bean which is not everyone’s cup of tea (pardon the pun), and some other not very exciting options like Cafe Playa, etc. Then Myatt Cafe contacted me and suggested I come try out their breakfast. I must be honest, I had no idea where Myatt Cafe was in the Waterfront but I accepted the invitation.

I went one morning during the week and with a quick visit to the information kiosk in the Waterfront I found it on the upper level next to Woolworths at the start of that passage that leads to the Table Bay hotel. It’s certainly a very swish looking place. The decor successfully fuses understated or conservative contemporary with splashes of Avante Garde. This is a decor style which is often attempted but seldom successfully. At the Myatt Cafe it all works together and looks very stylish.

Another element which is impressive is the crockery. My coffee arrived in a beautiful fine china cup, and the teapots were beautiful (see pics below). Then the other really impressive thing about Myatt Cafe is the cakes, pastries and chocolates… really to die for. I couldn’t indulge too much as it was 9am but they looked amazing. The afternoon tea has been getting rave reviews, so I’ll have to drag my sweet tooth there one afternoon to try it for myself.

We ordered the breakfast tea (R135) which is for 2 people. It included mini croissants, mini scones, sandwiches, macaroons and some fruit salad. Everything was good quality but I must admit I prefer a cooked breakfast to a Continental breakfast. I walked past some other tables having a cooked breakfast and it looked good. The full breakfast includes fried egg, grilled tomatoes, roasted mushroom and beef sausage on toasted sourdough topped with cheese for R68. Don’t tell anyone but I quite like the sound of mini crumpets with summer fruits, cinnamon, honey & nuts for R44.

If you’re there for lunch there are options like bruschetta, grourmet sandwiches, savoury tarts and salads. Not to forget the pastries!

The coffee was great but we were keen to try some teas from their selection of very interesting ones. We ordered two different teas and they came in the most lovely tea pots. We were both happy with our selections, most being priced at about R15 which is not expensive at all.

On our way out we popped into the shop to ogle the pastries and the chocolates which are imported from Belgium. A den of temptation if ever there was. I definitely won’t be walking past the Myatt Cafe without noticing it again.

Myatt Cafe & Chocolatier
Shop 6244, V&A Waterfront
Tel: 021 418 8844


2 responses to “Myatt Cafe review”

  1. Kim Rice

    Hi The best breakfast in the Waterfront is by far Balducci’s and if you are keen for a real splurge the Table Bay Hotel has the most decadent, endless buffet breakfast I’ve ever seen…table after table….

  2. Myatt cafe is very beautiful to eat variety of dishes, all the dishes at very cheap prices.