Poll change – Where do you watch the World Cup?

I’ve closed the poll in which I asked people whether or not they were looking forward to the World Cup. 81% of respondents said they are looking forward to the World Cup and 68% of those were confident that it would be good for the country. That leaves 32% who were looking forward to the World Cup but were not sure it would be beneficial for the country.

The remaining 19% of respondents felt that the money could have been better spent and were not happy about us hosting the World Cup. A friend made an interesting observation the other day, as the total estimated cost to South Africa of the World Cup is R100 billion, then instead we could have given every man, woman and child in the country R2000 each (I’m always confused whether a billion is a thousand million or a million million, to be conservative I used a thousand million). That could arguably be a much fairer distribution of the benefit brought by the World cup, because the poor as not really going to see any benefit. You can’t eat gees.

See the full results of the poll here, as well as the results of all previous polls.

Anyway, onto more positive things: Where do you prefer to watch the games? That’s the new poll and the options range from restaurants, to watching at home to avoid the vuvuzelas (have you read my post on vuvuzela etiquette?) or maybe you’re not watching at all.

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