Poll change: from tipping to booking

I’ve closed the tipping poll, just as it was about to hit 200 votes. It’s nice to see the responses to the polls increasing over time, the more votes, the more meaningful the results.

I asked how much people tip and 56% of respondents said they always tip 10% and less or more if the service is really bad or really good. That’s what I voted, although I do round the tip up so it’s normally 11 or 12%, depending. The next most popular option at 34% was to always tip more than 10% and more or less depending on the service. So that accounted for 90% of the respondents, which is quite good news for all those waiters out there, trying to live on their tips. Of the remaining 10%, 8% always tip over 10% regardless, which is generous but I don’t believe it’s a good thing to reward bad service. Waiters who don’t make the effort should not get the reward because really, bad service can ruin a meal, wasting your hard earned money and your valuable time. The final 2% either don’t tip or tip less than 10% which is just miserly and I’m glad there are so few like that. Although, I guess the readership of Relax with Dax is a certain section of society and there are other sections which don’t tip much at all, unfortunately.

You can view the results of this poll, as well as all the previous polls, here.

The new poll is about making bookings at restaurants. I have a reason for asking this question which I will tell you when the results are in. Do you book several restaurants and then make your decision later, or do you make your decision and then book? Some people never book, so there’s an option for that too. Happy voting!