Poll change: From public transport to car guards

A few days ago I tweeted a link to an information video on the new Integrated Rapid Transport (IRT) system planned for Cape Town. If you missed my tweet, here’s the link again:


It looks like a great system, but in the mean time we still have to get around using what’s available. With the last poll, I was trying to see how if or how much people are using public transport.

20% have never used and form of public transport while 40% have used more than one type of public transport. For those that use just one form of public transport, metered taxis (14%) were top, closely followed by Rikkis shared taxis (12%) and minibus taxis (10%). Buses and Goodfellas were not popular at 2% each.

It would be nice to see public transport used on a regular basis. I think the IRT system will play a major role in that.

When you don’t use public transport, there is an additional cost of using your own car and that is the tip for the car guard. The current poll is asking how much people generally pay their car guard.

All past poll results are available here: