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Whilst I am an appreciator of big stage productions, which is evident from my review of The Lion King, my exposure to intimate theatre is limited. I find it to be a risky form of entertainment because there are so many average and below average plays, the chances are high that you could end up paying good money to watch something which is not worthwhile.

But, I’m always keen to broaden my horizons. So I accepted an invitation to watch 2 plays at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Both are one man plays and the actor and writer is Louw Venter who many of you will know as Corne from Corne & Twakkie (The Most Amazing Show). This evening was definitely going to broaden my horizons, because not only was I going to watch a one man show, I was going to do this behind the Lentil Curtain. I very seldom go behind the Lentil Curtain for evening entertainment, apart from dinners at friends or family and an occasional extended lunch at Polana or Harbour House.

It truly is another world on the other side of the Lentil Curtain. That is one of the many things that makes Cape Town the most awesome place in the world, it’s not uniform. You can live or spend your time in an area filled with people you can relate to, people you have things in common with. Northern suburbs, southern suburbs, city bowl, atlantic seaboard or behind the lentil curtain, they all have a completely different vibe. Going from one to the other feels like an outing or a trip.

The first play I saw was called Out if Time. It is quite a heavy play, but it is lightened up by some funny scenes. The main character is at a picnic when he falls and hits his head on a rock. He is suspended in time or ‘Out of Time’ and the play is about his thoughts during this time. A very effective visual projection combined with appropriate, sometimes eerie, sound effects helps to bring his memories and thoughts to life. He directs his words at his young son, sharing with him experiences from his own life, his regrets and his highlights. Louw Venter is a talented actor, during his monologue he takes on the roles of several characters which played a role in his life. The audience will relate to many of the characters, as they are typical of people who might have played a role in each of our lives, growing up in South Africa. He continues his monologue until he must ‘move on’ because he is ‘Out of Time’.

The theme is very sombre, I’m sure that at some point before or after seeing the play, each person asked themselves what they would say to a loved one if they knew they had only a few minutes. As I mentioned, the play has some light moments where Louw Venter’s natural comedic side is given some stage time. It’s not a long play. I didn’t take note but I think it was about an hour.

Unfortunately I can’t compare the play as I have limited exposure to intimate theatre. Deciding whether it’s worth R100 will depend on how keen you are on theatre. Out of Time runs until the 14th of November on selected dates and tickets are R100.

Kalk Bay Theatre
52 Main Rd, Kalk Bay
Bookings : 073 220 5430


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  1. antoinette

    Dax, your review is great! Do come and visit us behind the Lentil Curtain again, we’re always keen on new circus acts!