New gallery

I had a brainwave, it felt a bit weird ‘cos I’m not used to it. If you look at the menu on the right you will see the ‘Gallery’ link is now gone and it has been replaced by a little box with a (random) photo which links to my photo albums on

This means
1) I don’t have to waste precious hosting space on photos
2) I can put the full photos up with thumbnails instead of just collages
3) Readers can download any photos they want and even search my photos for tags eg. someone’s name or an event
4) It’s a lot easier and quicker to put up new photos plus, I believe I can upload photos directly from my camera phone when I take them, so people could be checking out what I’m up to while I’m still doing it!

Click on the photo to look at my gallery. It will take me a while to upload all the photos I want to show, so for now it’s a little empty but it will keep growing and I promise to update it more often than I updated my previous gallery.

ps. if for some reason you don’t see a pic in the Flickr box, check your information bar at the top of Internet Explorer, it might be blocking something.