Gallery troubles

Ok, so Flickr seems to be giving me some problems. Apparently I can only have 3 ‘sets’ and only 200 photos in my photo ‘stream’ unless I upgrade to the ‘pro’ version at a cost of $25 per annum. Funny how they don’t mention any of this while you are signing up and blissfully uploading photos. It’s only when you click on ‘New Set’ for the 4th time that it tells you that you are limited to 3 sets. At that point you dig deep into the terms and conditions and find out the other restrictions on the ‘free’ account.

As far as I’m concerned, they can flick right off. It’s a great service and I was excited about the idea of uploading photos from my camera phone right after taking them (not sure how often I would actually do it though), but I’m not paying $25 a year when I can use another service for free. The service I have decided to use is Google Photos. It’s very good, not as good as Flickr, but good enough. There are no limitation except a 250MB limit on storage space which is ample. I have every confidence in Google, I am sure with the passage of time, they will improve the service to offer the extra features that Flickr offers. And even if they don’t, so what?

The long and the short of it is this, the Gallery link on the right now links to my all new Google Photos Gallery, or click here. I have uploaded a whole lot of photos to make it worth a visit. You can leave comments on a photo, but you have to be a Google member. Being a Google member is not a bad thing, they have some very cool services for you to use free of charge. Click and enjoy!