Lazari breakfast review

After my bad dish selection at Viola last weekend, I thought I’d go back and have what I should have. Unfortunately, as happens with groups, we ran late and only arrived at the Cape Quarter Extension after 10:30am which is a big mistake. It effectively means you will wait 45mins for a table and another 45mins for your food and it doesn’t matter whether you choose to do it at Voila or at Lazari.

We went to Lazari and waited, admittedly if we were a smaller group (we were 6) we would have been seated sooner. Also, because the weather wasn’t so great, there were no tables outside. The service was pretty good, and the coffees (R13 for a flat white) came fairly quickly which is important. The food also didn’t take as long as expected, low expectations meant that the half an hour passed quickly.

I quite like that they brought us a jug of tap water and six glasses as we sat down, something that was common when I was in Australia but rare here. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake as last weekend so I ordered the ‘Easy’ breakfast (R33), which is basically an English breakfast. I thought I would test them and asked for poached eggs. The waitress did not ask me how I preferred my eggs cooked and it seems the default is almost raw. If they were cooked a bit more they would have actually been quite good. The bacon was great, a generous portion cooked well. The tomato could have been cooked more and the ‘crostini’ could have been toasted more. Also the plate could have been heated, so my food stayed warm longer. This is a problem I had at the original Lazari. Strangely the plate to my right was so hot you couldn’t touch it.

The eggs benedict (R48) was apparently very good (it did look good). Whilst I always have food envy when I see plates of eggs benedict, I can’t actually eat it. It’s way too rich for me. I am also not a big fan of fish in the morning, so while I tasted the scrambled eggs from the scrambled eggs and salmon (R47) which were nice, I wouldn’t order it nor things like kippers. It was noted that the portion of salmon and eggs is a little small. In fact my friend complained and they brought him a some additional salmon and eggs which was very nice of them. Nobody had the omlette of the day (R45) which is their forté. But the Scrambled eggs and bacon croissant (R40) looked very good.

We didn’t have any major complaints and they did well considering how busy they were. I’d go back. You can read my review of lunch at Lazari here.

Cape Quarter Extension, Greenpoint
Tel: 021 419 9555


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  1. Hi Dax!
    We prefer the “old” Lazari in Gardens – perhaps you might consider reiewing that sometime?
    Thanks for the great website