Just Add Heart – a project

A group of us decided that there is a disconnect between worthy charities and people who want to give back to society. Despite having a desire to assist and make a difference somehow, people often find it difficult to find a suitable charity with which they connect and which needs assistance.

We want to introduce people to charities through social outings and show how many charities there are in which people can get involved, either through donations of money, items, skills or time. Below is the blurb from our Facebook group which explains more:

Who are we?
Just Add Heart is a fledgling idea by a group of friends, which aims to help people find a charity they can relate to within a social environment with a connection to someone inside the charity. We believe if you connect with a charitable cause you will get more back than you would ever give.

Whats our plan?
Our plan is to visit a different charity every month for 2009, lead by someone intrinsically involved in the organisation. It will take place on a Saturday and will be limited to about 2 hours. Thereafter there will be an optional lunch/social event nearby to round off the visit, discuss ideas, perhaps find your “charity buddy”, or just have fun.

How is it going to work?
We hope you will join our FaceBook Group: Just Add Heart or send us your email address (see our email address below).
Once you are a member you will be able to view planned visits, receive invites and information and be in touch with other members.

Once you have responded to an invite, we will follow up with the visit logistics. On the day of the visit you will have a leader to show you around and provide information. We aim to make it easy to be involved with a charity once you have “made the connection”. There is no pressure at any point to give or get involved. If you do decide to get involved with the charity after being introduced, that is your personal project.

What aren’t we?
We are not a charity. We are not asking you for anything. We do not believe in “guilt giving”. If it works for you and you feel inspired to give time, money etc then it’s up to you to take it further. All we want is to show you the amazing opportunities available and make it easy to be involved in a rewarding giving.

What to do next?
Join Just Add Heart Facebook group or
Send us your email address if you are not on Facebook – justaddheart@gmail.com

I will be posting information about our visits on Relax with Dax, with the details of the charity for those who might wish to get involved.