Chevelle launch & JacSharp live



Last weekend I attended the launch of Chevelle, a new night club which has opened in Harrington Street. I must say I had quite a good party, I haven’t been out clubbing till the early hours of the morning since my birthday at Karma. It has been open for a while but they were still working on the place, completing it only recently.

Chevelle is huge, like Opium was. Which is no surprise as the same people who were involved with Opium are involved at Chevelle. There are about 5 bars, a rowdy VIP room, a chilled VIP room, 2 dancefloors and some toilets. So whether you feel like going crazy, or chilling with some Moet, you’ll be accommodated. Like Opium, the decor is done very well, a sophisticated but funky environment.

JacSharp was playing at the launch. I saw them live once before, at Alba I think, and I wasn’t that impressed. But that was a while ago and this time I was very impressed. They ROCKED the dancefloor, I watched them for most of their set because I couldn’t tear myself away. They were really pumping out some funky, powerful tunes. Their album is more chilled (you can listen to it online), they obviously up the beats when they play at a venue like this. JacSharp is yet another very talented Cape Town act that I’m sure will go places. They are like the new Goldfish. In fact, the next day I heard JacSharp on the radio as they are number one on the High 5 at 5 on 5FM.

I’m always pleased when Cape Town’s nightlife acquires a new option, especially when it’s a quality option like Chevelle. I suggest you check it out sometime.

84 Harrington Street, CBD

 And check out JacSharp


2 responses to “Chevelle launch & JacSharp live”

  1. JacSharp and Goldfish are playing at Spier on the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month (March 09).

    Book at – it is going to ROCK

  2. Little known fact…Ben from Jac Sharp is Dom from Goldfish’s younger brother!
    So there you go.

    Nice one Dax, see you at Spier – where you can see both Brothers in action in one night.
    We do it just for you.