Sandbar review

One of the many things I like about Cape Town is that we can enjoy the prime spots without paying a massive premium. Eating in Camps Bay is an example of this, if you were to go and eat on the beachfront in Europe, you would pay a substantial premium for that priviledge. Some people have said to me that they find Camps Bay expensive but I don’t agree. While there are some expensive options, I think there are some very reasonably priced options, Sandbar is one of them.

A couple of years ago, Sandbar expanded and revamped. The new Sandbar was a major improvement over the old Sandbar, offering an open, summery feel. Dining al fresco is a treat, but because it’s so open, eating inside is equally pleasant. For the more social among us, sitting outside also presents an opportunity to greet all the people we know who are passing by.

The food is not the best, but it’s not bad. I had the chicken wrap (R55). Someone else tried the butternut wrap (R42), which they weren’t too excited about. The spinach and chicken salad (R48) was quite nice, but very rich. The menu is not very large, but it is varied. Other options include a burger, nachos, a pasta, mussels, etc.

The wine list is short and very reasonable. The most expensive wine is R150 with options starting from R80. The service was quite good. The waiters were attentive and the food came quite quickly.

I would say that eating at Sandbar is an average experience food wise, but the location and reasonable prices compensate enough to make it a good option for an al fresco lunch on a summer’s day.

Victoria Road, Camps Bay
021 438 8336


2 responses to “Sandbar review”

  1. Did you know that Sandbar has moved next door to the Grand Cafe (not sure how this works, I think they run the breakfast menu), and the old Sandbar is now the Sunbird Bistro.

    The new decor is lovely and refreshing, and the seating and tables are far more comfortable.

    We ate Eggs Florentine (they made the Eggs Benedict vegetarian for us). It was delicious!! And the service was outstanding. And this was during peak season in December. We had no problem finding a table for breakfast on the Christmas weekend. No idea what it’s like at other times or on Sunday mornings.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve eaten at Sunbird Bistro a couple of times now, but not for breakfast. I’m finding it a little up and down. Food is nice sometimes then other times it’s a let down. Small wine list. Small menu. Overall I’d say it’s an average experience.