C’est La Vie review

I definitely like restaurants that make their own bread. Apart from having fresh, extraordinary bread with the meal, it seems to create an ambiance and show a commitment to the art of producing serving food. I enjoyed watching bread being made while I breakfasted at Manna the other day and C’est La Vie in Kalk Bay is another place which is well known for it’s bakery.

I had breakfast there this last Saturday morning on one of my rare visits beyond the Lentil Curtain. I normally order eggs (poached if available) and bacon for breakfast, a meal which I use to compare the different breakfast spots around. C’est La Vie does not have a bacon and egg option. The closest options were the boiled egg with toasted baguette and coffee (R40 – I’ve been told the egg is boiled perfectly) or the bacon, brie and rocket sandwich (R35). I went for neither, opting instead for the Parisienne breakfast; half a baguette with butter and jam. I washed this down with two flat whites (R12 each). My dining partner had the pastrami, gherkin and cheese (?) sandwich (R35) on rye (66%).

There were several healthy options of fruit salad, muesli and yoghurt, etc. I think in future I will go for lunch rather, the sandwiches were quite delicious on their in-house bread, but the breakfast wasn’t quite what I enjoy. My baguette was lovely, just not my vibe. Also the coffees were quite nice, including latte art but were not hot enough for me. If I can down the coffee when it arrives, it’s not hot enough.

C’est La Vie us up a little side road (Rosmead) near the beginning of Kalk Bay (coming from town). Being in Kalk Bay, especially on such a balmy day, makes any al fresco dining experience fantastic. We enjoyed sitting in the fresh air but there isn’t much of a view. The restaurant is quite small so service is adequate despite their only being one or two waiting staff.

I bought a baguette and some olive/herb sticks from the bakery on the way out, which I have just enjoyed for lunch. C’est La Vie is small and run by the owner, who you can see is passionate about baking and serving meals. That in itself makes a difference. I would say you must go once to check it out, it will either grab you and turn you into a loyal fan or it won’t, but you won’t regret going. I don’t think you can book, I can’t even find a phone number for them.

C’est La Vie
Rosmead Road, Kalk Bay