Airstream Trailer Park at the Grand Daddy Hotel



One of the things I like about Cape Town is that the people here are always pushing the envelope, coming up with new ideas and pouring their heart and soul into them to make them world class. People are prepared to take risks and invest themselves and their resources in projects which are so new and different, there is no way of knowing how people will respond. The great thing is that the locals are very open to and supportive of new things.

Recent projects which have blown me away are things like the Madame Zingara Tent of Dreams (which unfortunately became a victim of the economic downturn recently) and musical projects like Coda which fuses african, classical and beats to create a unique, local and contemporary sound. Goldfish is another musical project which is taking the world by storm. Rocking the Daisies, a low carbon footprint music festival on a winefarm. The Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River is another world class project. There are many restaurants here which take things to the next level. The Roundhouse is a grand project and HQ is breaking new ground. The Strandloper is legendary, and Riboville is a spectacular space.

Recently I was introduced to another project which completely blew me away, the Airstream Penhouse Trailer Park on top of the Grand Daddy hotel. I had no idea what an Airstream trailer was until I saw one. I can see why they are considered classics and I believe they are difficult to find and expensive to buy. Not only that but there are massive import duties to bring them into South Africa. For this project they purchased eight of them, imported them and lifted them onto the roof of the Grand Daddy hotel with a crane! Each one has been decorated inside by a different artist (a la Daddy Longlegs hotel), each with a unique theme, some of which are: Afro-Funkd, The ballad of john & Yoko, Pleasantville and Goldilocks & the three bears.

The trailers have proper plumbing installed as well as airconditioning, so they are more comforable than one might expect. They vary in size, with the smallest one including a private outside bathroom. Each of the themes is so interesting and the trailers so novel that it makes you want to spend the night there just to experience it. The trailers themselves are just a part of what has been created on the roof of the Grand Daddy hotel. Wooden pathways lead between the trailers and converge on open spaces which are ideal for functions. One space sports a bar and couches and is covered by a free form tent. Another will have a big screen for projecting images, movies or presentations. In between the pathways is a garden of indigenous plants, adding some greenery to this city oasis. High enough to avoid the traffic and exhaust fumes while appreciating the view of the mountain and the unusual angle of the city, this is a truly unique experience.

This idea is so original and so well executed, my chest swells with pride as I add it to the list of incredible Cape Town attractions. I will definitely be investigating having a party up there and staying over in an Airstream trailer!

The Grand Daddy hotel
38 Long Street, Cape Town
021 424 7248