Blogosphere survey


in, Amatomu and Afrigator recently conducted a survey of the blogosphere. The questionnaire was quite comprehensive and there were over 1000 respondents. The results are very interesting and are available here.

There you will also find in depth profiles of 6 individual blogs, one of them being Relax with Dax. That’s right, I’m famous (a little).

There were 38 questions all together, revealing a variety of interesting facts about bloggers in South Africa, from the gender and age split to location and industry they work in. It is also interesting to see how much money and time bloggers invest in their blogs vs how much money they earn from their blogs.

Blogging has definitely taken its place among the various respected forms of media available, but the interactive element sets it apart from the rest. As people become more familiar with the blogosphere and how it works, it will begin to play a greater role in people’s lives.