Amphitheatre fan zone at the V&A Waterfront

One of the things I like about the V&A Waterfront is that they want people to come and enjoy themselves, it’s not just about getting them to spend money. The last fan zone I checked out was the free one at the amphitheatre. Because the amphitheatre is right in the middle of the Waterfront, it draws interested passers by. The people keen to watch the game arrive earlier to grab a seat. By start time there are people standing around the edges and as the game progresses, a big crowd accumulates. The vibe is great and it’s a great mix of people. Some friends of mine here from overseas chose to watch most of their games at the amphitheatre.

The screen is really big and so is the sound. If you get a seat then it’s good visibility, but if you arrive late then you’ll be stuck at the back. The obvious negatives are that it is outside, so if the weather is bad it’s not very comfortable and there is no access to a bar if you feel like a drink. There are fast food outlets behind the amphitheatre so there is food and softdrinks available, but if you want a beer or something else alcoholic you would have to go to the Dubliner tent which is next door to the amphitheatre, or you would have to go to Ferryman’s Tavern.

That’s my last fan zone review, follow the link to read my review of the MTN Fan Zone and the Hyundai Spectator Zone. Click here to view all my V&A Waterfront posts. More information on the Waterfront available on their special World Cup website below. I’ve also included some pics taken at the amphitheatre during a game.