Zula Bar review

Zula Bar is one of few venues for live music. It’s been around for quite a while now and seems to be going strong. It’s nice to see live music being supported, but I think there were quite a few people there who weren’t particularly concerned about the music. Considering there is usually a cover charge (which goes to the bands), Zula must have more to offer is people go there regardless.

I was there to see Dave Aldo in action. He is here to open for the Lionel Ritchie concert. He is originally from Port Elizabeth (like me) and we have some friends in common. Zula was not very full, it felt like we were having our own private performance from a musician that has a song at number one (Someday) here in South Africa, has played at Demi Moore’s wedding and was about to play in front of thousands at the Lionel Ritchie concert. 

After the live acts, Zula becomes a bit of a party with DJs throwing out some vibey tunes. We left at about midnight and the place was pretty packed and the dancefloor was full.

We ate at Zula. The food is not great but it’s not bad. I wouldn’t specifically go there to eat, but if we were going there and I was hungry, I wouldn’t be upset about having to eat there. We all had burgers (R45) which came with chips and were pretty good, not exactly a Caprice Burger, but good. The sauces cost extra (R5). They have a typical bar style menu, offering nachos (R50 for 2), Chilli Poppers (R20), chicken wings (R36), etc. There were some more appealing options such as ostrich steaks (R75) and lamb cutlets. The menu is on the website if you want to see all the options.

We had a birthday in our group so they brought us a whole berry cheesecake which was also pretty good (I’m sure they don’t do that for every birthday!).

Zula is a nice intimate live music experience. I reckon watching one of your favourite local bands there would be a great experience and if you have to eat there, don’t worry, it’s fine. The venue is also available for hire.

Zula Bar
196 Long Street, Cape Town
Tel: 021 424 2442