Win R20 000 With MySchool’s 20th Anniversary

The other day I was at my local Woolworths and the man in the queue in front of me responded “no” when the cashier asked him if he had a Woolies or MySchool card. I actually could not believe it. What possible reason could someone have for not having a Woolies or MySchool card? Do people realise that you don’t benefit from many of the instant savings specials unless you have a card? Plus 1% of your spend goes to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. It doesn’t cost you anything, so essentially, if you don’t have a card you’re taking the food out of the mouths of hungry children.


Every swipe counts towards the R6m that MySchool is giving to causes each month. That’s a lot of money doing a lot of good. This year MySchool celebrates its 20th anniversary and is very proud to have donated over R500m to causes over the last 20 years. To celebrate their anniversary, MySchool is giving an additional R20,000 to 20 causes plus if you help spread the word, you could win R20,000 too. Details at the bottom of this post.

The beneficiary I have selected for my card is the Community Outreach Program Trust (COPT) which works directly in disadvantaged communities to uplift and give hope to those who most need it. What I like is that it is mostly volunteer driven so very little of the donations received is used for overheads. Another thing which I think makes the work that COPT does so valuable, is the fact that all the projects are long term projects. They don’t just go in and do some work then move on, all projects are set up and supported for as long as possible Because of this the COPT team has strong and long lasting relationships with the communities in which it operates. Visit the COPT website to find out more about the awesome work they do. Click on the Projects menu to see the long list of projects around the country.


What I find appealing about MySchool is that each month all cardholders receive a statement by email which itemises all my purchases at MySchool partners and shows me how much was raised in total for my beneficiary that month. Many people think that MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is a Woolworths initiative but it’s actually independent and there are other partners who contribute. You can swipe your card for purchases at, Engen, Flight Centre and more. See the full list of partners at the MySchool website.

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is celebrating its 20th anniversary by giving back to its supporters and communities. Their #MySchool20 campaign encourages supporters and influencers alike to not simply swipe for their favourite cause but to talk about them. Simply by using the hashtag on Facebook or Twitter and sharing which cause they support, 20 lucky customers can each win a R20,000 Woolworths gift card plus a R20,000 cash donation to their school or charity.

Visit the MySchool website for more details and get involved.


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  1. Amahle Kumalo

    Happy 20th anniversary