Vuvuzela Etiquette



There’s been a lot of heated debate about whether the vuvuzela should be allowed at the World Cup soccer matches. It is rather noisy and spectators and players alike have concerns about the noise. I personally believe it will be a good thing and will make the 2010 World Cup uniquely South African. People will hear and remember the sound and thousands of people will take vuvuzelas back home as a memento. So I am all for it, but I do promote responsible vuvuzela usage so as to minimize the annoyance factor which is an inherent feature of the vuvuzela.

If we all stick to some simple rules, it will make it a lot easier to handle being surrounded by blaring vuvuzelas for a month. Below are my 5 rules of etiquette for correct vuvuzela usage.

Rule 1 – Don’t blow a vuvuzela indoors, ever. This includes marquees and the likes
Rule 2 – Don’t blow a vuvuzela away from the stadium when normal people are sleeping ie. late at night & early in the morning
Rule 3 – Don’t blow MY vuvuzela, I don’t want your germs and gob on something that is going to touch my lips
Rule 4 – Don’t hit people with a vuvuzela, it’s not funny, it’s irritating and I might snap and shove it up your wazoo
Rule 5 – Don’t blow a vuvuzela non stop. Now and then will suffice, I’d like to hear other sounds some of the time

Those are my 5 easy to follow rules. If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment below.


6 responses to “Vuvuzela Etiquette”

  1. Debbie

    OMG you are too funny! I can especially relate with Rule 5. (Esp since my house looks onto Greenpoint stadium). I have invested in a set of earplugs.

  2. Read on the front pg of the Cape Times today: ‘Scientists have produced evidence that the sound levels inside a 2010 stadium with vuvuzelas could lead to permanent hearing damage. The findings demonstrate a real risk of hearing loss, they say in their study.’
    I’m still ambivalent on the subject, but your rules are most agreeable…


  3. Shirley

    How about some flag etiquette?
    STARTING WITH – BUY YOUR OWN!!!!! I could support a family of 24 Chinese slaves with the amount I’ve spent

    1. haha, yes. I hear so many complaining about their mirror socks and flags being stolen. Not sure what the solution to that problem is.

  4. 6) Get over yourself dude. Its 1 month and then its overs.

  5. I was at the Fan Fest on Friday. Vuvuzela’s everywhere but didn’t mind it at all – it’s all part of the atmosphere. It’s part of the African game! I ll be attending the Italy/Paraguay game on Monday, I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot louder…but “risk of hearing loss”? They just want to “sell” their study.