Tuscany Beach review

I can’t believe I nearly forgot to do this review. For those of you who have been following my mission to find a good breakfast, this is the next installment (and by the way, Mugg & Bean is my favourite for now but not the one in Kloof St). I had breakfast at Tuscany Beach the other day, although calling it breakfast is really too complimentary. It’s definitely in the running for the smallest breakfast I’ve has put in front of me. So if you’re not hungry, fine, but you’re still paying for a full breakfast. Let’s compare here: Mugg & Bean is R16 for 2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, tomato and toast. Tuscany Beach is R40 for 1 egg, 1 rasher of bacon, tomato and toast. That’s right, R40! Let’s not mention the plates were cold and the eggs were not prepared as we asked for them. So, horrible breakfast experience number 445867.

I can’t really remember what their food is like in the evenings, I have eaten there a few times and it was ok. They have some special on where if you buy one main you get one free or something. I can’t remember so don’t quote me. It might be only at strange times too, like between 11:00am and 11:10am every second Thursday during months with a full moon. Restaurants like to do that sort of thing. To be honest I don’t eat there on principle because they charged a friend of mine R600 for a seafood platter when I went the week before and having the sense to ask the price before ordering only had to pay R300.

Tuscany Beach
41 Victoria Road, Camps Bay
Tel: 021 438 1213


2 responses to “Tuscany Beach review”

  1. David Elton

    The Tuscany Beach winter “half price special” consists of hugely overpriced – and mediocre – main courses, so you end up paying, in total, about the same as at a proper restaurant. I once made the mistake of adding extras to one of their basic pizzas. The outrageous bill arrived with the already cooked pizza. I had no option but to pay. I do have an option now though: I will never eat there again.

  2. It’s quite frustrating and sad that a restaurant can rely solely on being in a good location.

    When someone asks me where they can eat in Camps Bay, I really struggle to suggest somewhere without a pang of conscience. Even the Nandos there is the worst one I’ve been to for some reason.

    I quite like the food at Caprice and I love Col’caccio, but just about every other place will let you down either in service or quality while charging a fortune.