The Rainbow Experience

I attended the launch of The Rainbow Experience at Mandela Rhodes place (where Signal Hill Winery used to be) the other night. I must admit that when I received the invitation and read what it was, I wasn’t convinced that the concept was very appealing. This is how they describe it:

A destination store that showcased the resourcefulness and creativity of all South Africans. The Rainbow Experience at the stylish Mandela Rhodes Place on Church Street, Cape Town, offers everything you would want for an unusual gift, leisure or décor item reflecting the spirit of South Africa.

It sounded like a shop for tourists to buy local products, nothing to get too excited about. I was quite wrong. The Rainbow Experience is actually a fantastic showcase of the top talent South Africa has to offer. I would certainly recommend any visitor to the country visit this store to see what SA can offer. It is also a perfect place to go if you are heading overseas and want to take some gifts with you.

There is a wide selection of products, books, art, music, fashion and more. All of it presented in a lovely space and in a stylish and professional way. I attended the opening with the official Relax With Dax art consultant and we spent quite a bit of time just browsing through the various sections. My art consultant imparted some background info on the art and artists which made it even more interesting. Looking around The Rainbow Experience and seeing the high standard we are producing made me feel very proud of South Africa.

The Rainbow Experience is dedicated to Nelson Mandela and this is evident from elements of the decor as well as a station where one can view a short video about his life. While upstairs it the retails space (2 levels), the downstairs section is an entertainment venue. It is a live music venue to showcase South African talent. It is a large space with a bar and a comfortable lounge. Unfortunately I had to leave before the live music started, so I can’t comment on the space as a music venue.

The Rainbow Experience is an excellent addition to this revamped part of town and I believe it will be a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The Rainbow Experience
Mandela Rhodes Place, Church Street
Tel: 021 422 1428