The Brass Bell review

The Brass Bell has been around for a many years (more than 60) and in fact, it’s been a long time since I was last there. It used to be a seedy bar, with some very interesting (read unappealing) characters who frequented it. After my first experience there, I was in no hurry to return which is why many years have passed.

Much has changed at the Brass Bell since those days. They have expanded and taken advantage of their location right on the water’s edge in Kalk Bay. There are now several different sections which make up the Brass Bell. The Main, The Cabin , The Waters Edge, The Pavilion and The Bikini Deck each offers a different menu, ranging from fancy food at The Main through to burgers and bar snacks at The Bikini Deck. So it depends on what you are going for.

I cannot comment on the quality of the food at The Main restaurant, when we went we ate at The Bikini Deck, one of the outside sections where you can enjoy the sunshine and some casual food. Which to me is the most appealing aspect of the Brass Bell.

We went as a large group and the service and kitchen managed our orders without much difficulty. We tried burgers (R49 + toppings), ribs (R89 for the large), fish & chips (R68), calamari (R79) and pizzas (large from R55). As you can tell, it’s a typical pub style menu but there were some other seafood options like seafood platters (R130).

The food was pretty good. Nobody complained about their food and the prices are quite reasonable. We only drank beer (of which they have many varieties on tap), so I didn’t get a chance to look at the wine list. It was a Saturday and the place was pretty full. The Bikini Deck is a smoking area, but it is very airy so it didn’t bother me. I’m not sure which sections in the Brass Bell are non smoking, you would have to ask when you book.

We had a good time there. It was pretty casual and there was nothing to complain about. Some of us even had a swim in the tidal pool in front of the restaurant. The Brass Bell is just off the train station in Kalk Bay and we actually caught the train from town to Kalk Bay. It cost about R23 return if I remember correctly and that was quite cool. With traffic the way it is these days out that way, catching the train isn’t a bad idea.

The Brass Bell reminds me a little of the times I spent at Joe Cool’s in Durban, not a bad thing. I’ll certainly return.

The Brass Bell
Kalk Bay Waterfront
Tel: 021 788 5455