Superette review

When the Biscuit Mill opened a few years ago, it didn’t take a prophet to predict that Woodstock was on track for a revival. I must admit that I imagined it would happen faster but I think it is finally hitting a tipping point now. There are several restaurants and clubs popping up. I enjoy getting lunch from The Kitchen, and I recently breakfasted at a new place called La Bottega. I’ve seen a newish place called Bread at the revamped Bromwell which I want to check out. Then there is The Superette opened by the guys who brought you the Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill.

It’s quite easy to miss as the signage is quite subtle. I drove past it a couple if times before spotting it. But it’s on the right hand side, just before the Biscuit Mill if you’re heading away from town. You may not be aware that the guys who do the market also brought you the What if the World gallery, so they are creative guys. Which might explain why, when I walked into the Superette, I wasn’t sure if I was in a restaurant or an art installation.

The place is such a carefully put together combination of retro and cool contemporary elements that it’s hard to believe it’s a restaurant too. After eating there, it does seem that the restaurant element is a bit secondary. The space is quite empty, with each piece of furniture or decoration demanding acknowledgement, hence the gallery feel. The retro corner cafe counter in yellow is the first thing to command your attention, after which you will notice the retro fridge (which does actually store the drinks for purchase) next to perfectly curated deli shelves and a table of baked delights.

In the other direction you will see the two long tables with benches, which is pretty much all the available seating. Another indication that the restaurant aspect is secondary is that it couldn’t seat more than 20 people at a squeeze. Which also means that there won’t be much of a ‘buzz’. Behind the counter is the menu, written on the white tiled wall in black marker. It’s a limited menu with eleven options in total. The four breakfast options (available all day) are R25 and I actually think the scrambled egg and bacon sandwich is the best value item on the entire menu. The sandwiches are R45, I had the chicken and salad sandwich. It wasn’t bad, at least the ingredients and bread were fresh. Salads are R45 a plate and look interesting.

It’s counter service and not incredibly friendly. I don’t think they have a liquor licence which is no big deal as they are open between 8am and 4pm only (Mon to Sat). My experience at the Superette was cool, but as with most galleries, if you’ve been once, there isn’t much reason to go again.

The Superette
218 Albert Road, Woodstock
Tel: 021 802 5525


4 responses to “Superette review”

  1. Riccardo Spagni

    The Bromwell is one of my recent “discoveries”, since I work round the corner in Maitland. It is SO awesome, I love the whole boutique shopping mall vibe upstairs. Bread is pretty decent as a breakfast/lunch destination, I had their burger the other day. It was R85, so quite pricey for a burger, but it was amazing. Well worth giving it a spin.

  2. i was seriously unimpressed with Superette. i ordered something like ‘toasted avo and cream cheese’ for like R40… and all that i got was a piece of bread (toasted), an eighth of a very small avo and a tiny little bit of cream cheese. i even went back to enquire if there wasn’t something missing from the plate and the lady working there looked at me like i’d crawled out of cheese. i will never go there again. maybe you’ll dig it if value for money is not something that you worry about. but to me that felt like a total and utter rip off.

  3. Hi Candice,
    Just to let you know that the price of that item is in fact R25

  4. I eat at superette fairly often, and I have never had a bad experience. The salad plates are always amazing – they blow melissas out of the water and the breakfast is delicious. All the food is fresh, local and home made, and i personally don’t mind paying a tinsy bit more for that, and even then, i don’t think superette prices are close to unreasonable. Superette also has a supper club which I have attended a few times, its always lots of fun, and has a definate “buzz”, and of course; the food is great.
    superette is simple, honest fresh and original, unlike most other deli come cafe’s.
    go there, try it, you’ll like it.