Saul’s Saloon review

I can honestly say that I did not forsee myself doing a review of Saul’s Saloon. I haven’t been to Saul’s Saloon in years. It’s widely considered to be the Johnny’s Roti (Sunshine Chip & Ranch in Durban) of Cape Town. The kind of place you only go to when you’ve been out dancing till the early hours of the morning, you’re hungry and have had one too many drinks so your decision making is impaired. Saul’s Saloon used to be a lot bigger than it is now and you could watch them cook the food, which was quite unappealing. Now the place is smaller, cleaner and the kitchen is a secret.

We all ordered burgers, which I think is their forte (although they do offer steaks, chicken, toasted sandwiches and more). They come in 3 sizes, 120g (R20.50), 220g (R28.50) and 440g (R49.50), we stuck with the medium which was ample. The sauces are extra and vary from R5 to R15 depending on which one you choose and what size your burger is. I ordered the pepper sauce, others tried the mushroom sauce, both were excellent and very generous (I didn’t use even half of mine). The burgers themselves were pretty good too, fresh buns and tasty patties. We also ordered a plate of chips for the table (medium, which was enough for 4 of us – R35.50) as the burgers don’t come with any.

I was quite impressed, the place has cleaned up and I would be happy to have a midnight burger there anytime (although there are definitely some dodgy characters lurking around there – although they could have been waiters). Apart from Saul’s Saloon, Mr Pickwicks is the only other viable all night option unless you’re happy with Club Engen in Orange Street. Have I missed any other 24 hour options?

Saul’s Saloon
152 Main Road, Seapoint
Tel: 021 434 5404



5 responses to “Saul’s Saloon review”

  1. Club Engen, hahah.

    I also found myself at Saul’s recently, before then it had been years for me too. Infact I had only been once before – I remember asking for a glass of water and they said they didn’t have any.

    This time the food was good, all things considered. I was most impressed with their “call a waiter” system. So temping to push the buzzer every 5 minutes just because you can!

  2. Dain Hannaford

    Got to wonder though, how well did you sleep? Stopped going there after many nights afterwards spent staring at the ceiling and tripping out on whatever was in those burgers.

  3. The Clay Oven in Long st is also reasonably decent early hour chow. Not sure how late, but Ive been there after 3am on a Saturday . I think the only proper pizza and nachos at that time. Perfect to sponge up the evenings takings!

  4. Dain, I don’t remember having a problem with sleeping although I did find it remarkably easy to wake up 4 hours later for my breakfast date.

    Ant, I’ve seen the Clay Oven. I’ll be sure to consider it an option next time I need a midnight snack in town.

  5. I ended up at Saul’s again last night and have to say, it wasn’t a great experience.

    I’ve realised the burgers are actually quite expensive. Once you add the sauce (which is not great) and the chips, it’s cheaper to have a much tastier burger at Caprice.

    At that time of the morning, I don’t want to be waiting forever for service which is what happened. It took us about an hour and a half to have a burger on the way home. Unacceptable.

    I need other midnight snack options…