Rossouw’s Restaurants Three Star Awards

Last year I was invited to the awards ceremony for Rossouw’s Restaurants 3 star awards at Rust en Vrede. That was an awesome event, which I unfortunately did not get invited to this year. But, it’s not about me, it’s about my awesome readers who I’m sure are interested in knowing which restaurants received this accolade. So here is the list (in alphabetical order):

In Cape Town

Aubergine (Cape Town)
Bizerca Bistro (Cape Town)
Jardine (Cape Town)
Joostenberg Bistro (Stellenbosch)
La Colombe (Constantia)
Overture (Stellenbosch)
Reuben’s (Franschhoek)
Rust en Vrede (Stellenbosch)

Outside Cape Town

Mariana’s (Stanford)
Ile de Païn (Knysna)
Zachary’s (Knysna)
Butcher Shop and Grill (Sandton)
Thomas Maxwell Bistro (Sandton)
Ritrovo (Pretoria)

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  1. daz April 25, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    no surprise with that list then…snoooooooooze