Rhodes Memorial Restaurant Review

This restaurant is a favourite of my parents, they always try and eat there whenever they are in Cape Town. So I have eaten at Rhodes Memorial Restaurant several times and I have never been disappointed. They used to have a bad reputation but ever since the new owners took over about 8 years ago, the food has been consistently good.

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Optimally, you want to go on a nice day and dine al fresco. The view over Cape Town is really magnificent and it feels as if the air on the mountain is a little fresher. But even on a rainy day, one could enjoy a meal sitting inside next to the fire. They close at 5pm so dinner is not an option but it’s an original option for breakfast and apart from lunch, afternoon tea and scones is definitely worth doing. Their scones, as well as their other desserts, are fabulous. I love tea and scones in the afternoon.

The menu is quite diverse, there is no way you won’t be able to find something that tickles your tastebuds. I don’t normally order a salad in at restaurants but because I’m trying to eat healthy, on this last visit I ordered the Thai Beef Salad (R50) and it was so good my fellow diners commented on how quickly I wolfed it down. They all had the fish which was Cape Salmon and they all raved about it. On previous visits I have tended toward the Chicken Masala (R60) which is amazing. If you prefer you could try the Fillet (R90) or the Calamari (R40) or even one of the Country Pies. For the carb addicts, there are several pastas (all around R50), or open baguettes (all around R40).

The desserts are amazing. Classic things like cheesecakes, apple crumble, lemon meringue, chocolate cake, etc (all around R24). Don’t forget about the scones!

The wine list is short, 5 whites and 5 reds, but very reasonably priced. There isn’t anything above R70. The service didn’t draw attention to itself, which is just fine.

So I get to continue my streak of positive reviews, I recommend you try out the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant soon. You definitely need to book over lunch time on weekends, I’m not sure how busy it is during the week.

Rhodes Memorial Restaurant
Tel: 021 689 9151


  1. Dax September 17, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    Had lunch here again the other day, it was a cold day but we were lucky to get a table near the fire inside so it was nice and cosy.

    Some people at our table ordered Pie and said they weren’t great. My Chicken Marsala was fine but the Beef Salad I had last time was more interesting.

    I’d probably save Rhodes Memorial Restaurant for a sunny day because the view is definitely what makes the experience more than ordinary.

  2. BGS October 24, 2007 at 10:56 am

    I have returned to Cape Town from living overseas for many years. I love the RMR and yes, the view is spectacular – but I must challenge DAX on the food issue. The welcome is always warm, the service attentive, and the food tasteful. It’s not a five star restaurant after all – it’s a taste of home away from home. Local is Lekker — and I think they do better than “fine”!
    And never mind the weather — its as cosy inside when the fire is roaring as it is impressive outside when the sun is shining.

  3. Dax March 15, 2009 at 5:48 am

    I had lunch here again yesterday. We shared a Nicoise Salad (R55) as a starter and I was very impressed with it. It was presented very well with a great selection of ingredients, including chickpeas.

    For main we all had the linefish (R90) which was yellowtail. The fish was excellent but I thought the tomato based sauce was unnecessarily overpowering. I enjoyed the veggies with which it was served.

    We had a bottle of Walker Bay Sauvignon Blanc (R70), which was really good value for money.

    It was a beautiful day, so dining al fresco was mandatory and Rhodes Memorial restaurant was a reliable option as usual.