Now you has Jazz review



Some may be surprised to learn that I am reluctant to attend theatre and music shows. The reason is that I have been disappointed so many times that I can’t face possibly wasting not only the ticket price but also a whole evening. Plus, if I invited someone along, it’s a bad reflection on me. This is why you don’t see a lot of theatre listings and reviews on this site.

Occasionally, however, I get a feeling that something is going to be worth seeing. Now you has Jazz was one of those that caught my eye. I organised 3 tickets and went along on Saturday night. I made sure I took forgiving friends in case it wasn’t good. There was no cause for concern, we all enjoyed the show immensely.

Now you has Jazz is basically a lesson about how Jazz came to be. Starting back at the time when slaves were taken over to the Stated from Africa, the extremely talented Amanda Tiffin and her band take you on a journey through the history of Jazz. They play well known songs from each genre and generation. The show is at the old Imax theatre in the BMW Pavilion in the Waterfront. They use part of the screen to show old pictures relating to the songs they are busy playing. This helps to set the mood and almost transports you to that time.

The show was about 2 hours long but the time flew as we eagerly waited to see what the next song would be. I found it a nice touch when they showed the influence of Jazz on South African music and vice versa. Amanda engaged the crowd in an entertaining way, keeping our interest the whole way through.

All in all an educational and enjoyable experience. I would recommend this show especially for those who enjoy Jazz and Swing. Tickets are R95 and available from